How-to Guide to Taking Advantage of the New Global App Marketing Features

We are pleased to announce the new global app marketing features on the Intuit Developer Portal!

You now have the flexibility to customize your app card marketing content (screenshots, descriptions, pricing plans, etc.) on Apps.com for each country we support (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India).

You’re probably already picturing ways to market your app differently in each country, so let’s get started by following the steps below: 

1. Select which individual countries you’d like to market your app in

Sign into your Developer account, go to your app’s dashboard, click on the Production → Settings tab, and go to the “Countries Supported” section

Previously, you were only able to select a single Worldwide checkbox under “Countries Supported.” Now, you have the option to select the specific countries where you’d like to market your app.  

Please only select the countries where your integration with QuickBooks meets local tax, currency, language and other requirements, and where you have the ability to support customers in those countries. Your app will be listed in the local version of Apps.com for each of the countries you select. You can learn more about going global here.

2. Customize your app card marketing content per country:

Click the publish button and start editing your country specific app cards.

You no longer have to market your app in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and India with just one app card.

To modify your country specific app cards, just click “Edit” and start inserting your country specific marketing content. Here is a list of items we recommend customizing per country:

  • Pricing plans
  • Support info
  • Phone numbers
  • URL
  • FAQs
  • App Screenshots and feature descriptions (If applicable)

Below is a great example of how Receipt Bank has immediately taken advantage of the new functionality and started customizing their UK pricing plan in £:

3. Submit your app for review!

Once you’ve created different marketing assets for each of your app cards in different countries, submit your app for review. Once our team reviews your app and approves, your country specific app cards will be published on Apps.com.

If you’d like to market your country specific websites on your own landing pages, use the following format for the different locales

Ex. Receipt Bank marketing pages for different countries

We welcome your feedback and suggestions! Please feel free to comment below or in our Developer Forums.

Tune in tomorrow, March 25th, as we will provide a How-to Guide to Creating the Best App Card. 






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