Canada and India Sandbox Now Available!

As a follow up to the “Sandbox Goes Global” announcement, today we are happy to announce the support for Canada (CA) and India (IN) regions in our QuickBooks Online Sandbox developer environment.

The addition of Canada and India now takes the regions supported in the sandbox environment to five: US, AU, UK, CA, IN

Sandbox Environments for CA and IN

You can create CA and IN sandboxes from the “Manage Sandboxes” page. To get to the “Manage Sandboxes” page, after you have logged in, click either the Tools dropdown (or the dropdown arrow next to your name from the menu on any page) and choose Sandbox.

Up to Five Sandboxes per Developer

We have also increased the number of additional sandboxes you can create to four. That means you can now have up to five sandbox companies!

You can distribute the additional four sandboxes as you wish. For example, you could create four more US sandboxes, or two AU sandboxes and two IN sandboxes, or one for each region.

Please choose wisely the regions for which you create the sandboxes companies, because currently we do not provide a way for you to delete a sandbox company once it has been created.

Similar to AU and UK regions, the CA and IN sandboxes come pre-populated with data for the “Party Planning services” industry type.

Please note that the Payments APIs are not supported for the AU, UK, CA, and IN regions; therefore, no Payments sandbox environment is provided for those regions.

You can learn more about Sandbox environment here and in the FAQs here.

What’s Next?

We are working hard to add support for purging and resetting individual sandbox companies.

Have questions? Please feel free to comment below or in our Developer Forums.

Vishal Aggarwal
Senior Product Manager, Intuit Developer Group






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