Whats New for Developers in QuickBooks Online v89?

QuickBooks Online v89 was released recently. Read on to find out what’s new for developers in this release.


On the heels of our recent release, we just have a few minor updates this time around.

  • For global regions, we have exposed the default tax code associated with an Account as a field in the Account entity. This is available when the Account endpoint is called with minor version 3.
  • Update of journal entries has been fixed such that it is now possible to remove and add journal entry lines with an update. Previously, the journal entry would have to be deleted and recreated in order to add or remove lines.

Upcoming Inventory Enhancements

You might have noticed that Quickbooks Online has been revamping its inventory management system recently, adding support for SKUs and item images.

In the next few releases, there will be changes that impact the item hierarchy and how items are categorized. These will be released in the API under minor version 4 and will require developers to enhance their integrations to ensure compatibility with our new inventory system.

It is important for every developer using the Item endpoint to review the changes and learn what the differences are. Please keep a look out for a blog post and guide that will educate developers on these changes.

The next release of QuickBooks Online is scheduled for an end of September timeframe.

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