Two new QuickBooks API integration guides

We recently published some new guides that we think you’ll find useful!

eCommerce integration guide

This guide showcases how the QuickBooks Payments API seamlessly works with the QuickBooks Accounting API to handle end-to-end credit card payment processing, including the authorization and capture flow and automatic transaction reconciliation. In addition, information is included to show you how to manage customer lists with the QuickBooks Online API.

Topics covered:

  • OAuth considerations
  • Credit card authorization and capture flow
  • Creating sales receipts
  • Setting up for automatic deposit transactions and reconcilation
  • Creating credit card refunds
  • Managing customers

You can find the eCommerce integration guide here.

Global tax model integration guide

The QuickBooks API global tax model is a set of resources to manage sales taxes–collected or paid–for transactions such as Invoice, Bill, PurchaseOrder, and SalesReceipt. The behavior of these resources differs between US editions and non-US editions of QuickBooks.

This guide presents what you need to know in order to manage sales taxes in your transactions. Topics covered:

  • Tax model at a glance
  • Specifying sales tax
  • Specifying purchase tax (for non-US integrations)
  • Overriding automatic sales tax calculation
  • Rounding rules for tax calculation
  • Working with tax codes, tax rates, and tax agencies

You can find the Global tax model integration guide here.

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