Intuit Developer Announces New Partner Program

At Intuit, we are focused not only on providing the best experience and tools to allow developers to create innovative applications for small business customers, but also new ways to help them grow their business.

Today, I’m proud to announce a new partner program to help developers succeed with the more than 1 million small businesses around the world who run on the QuickBooks platform. The goal is to help developers grow app revenue, maximize their marketing impact, and reach the right targeted customers.

The new partner program will accelerate this momentum by providing developers with:

  • Access to More Than 1 Million Small Business Customers – Intuit is overhauling the QuickBooks App Store so that the growing number of QuickBooks subscribers enjoy a more personalized, right-for-me experience, allowing them to easily find apps that meet their specific business need. Developers will receive preferred placement within the QuickBooks Apps store, providing them with a targeted reach into the QuickBooks user base.
  • The Opportunity to Double Down on Marketing Investment – Intuit will double the funds invested by qualified developers. These funds start at $20,000 (for a $10,000 developer investment), and can grow to $40,000 (for a $20,000 developer investment). The funds will be used for co-marketing campaigns designed to expand awareness and drive greater adoption of their apps.
  • Growth Opportunities Within the Program – The program includes four different tiers, ensuring that all developers get the support they need to get to the next level – whether they have 100 customers or 500,000. Developers will have the opportunity to grow with the program and access progressively more incentives, rewards and support from Intuit as their customer numbers increase.

Visit developer.intuit.com/partnerprogram for the full details.







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