Moving from Lord of the Apps to Lord of the Rings

You may have seen the news earlier this week that I will be joining Air New Zealand as their Chief Digital Officer. While Im very excited about this amazing opportunity, it was not an easy decision for me to leave Intuit.

Im very proud of what weve accomplished in the last two years and the trajectory were on. We have more than 1500 active apps on the QuickBooks platform and have grown the number listed on our app store over 600%. These apps have access to over 1 million QuickBooks Online subscribers through placements both on apps.com and in the QuickBooks Online apps tab. The opportunity for developers on our platform has never been larger.

Furthermore, Intuit is making amazing progress in its transition from a product company to a product and platform company. Last month at QuickBooks Connect, we saw how many of the developers that have built on the platform are now successful partners. With the launch of our new partner program, we have an even clearer path to success for our developer community. I have great confidence in the foundation the Intuit Developer team has built and the strong momentum we collectively have going into 2016.

Intuit has named leader Vinay Pai as the new leader for Intuit Developer. Vinay has a wealth of platform leadership experience including his time as an engineering leader on J2EE at Sun. I will be working closely with Vinay over the next 6 weeks to ensure a smooth transition in January, and he will continue on the path weve laid out. Youll hear more directly from him after the holidays.

Id like to thank you, our developer community, for being so welcoming when I started and so open with your thoughts and feedback over the last two years. There are many reasons why leaving was such a hard decision and each of you is one of them. I look forward to watching your continued success with the QuickBooks cloud from the land of the long, white cloud.

Ive always had a personal goal to live and work outside the United States. If you make it to New Zealand, please say hi! In the meantime, this is what I’ll be reading on the flight over:


Happy Holidays!

Avi Golan

Vice President, Intuit Developer






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