PHP SDK v2.3 for QuickBooks Online Now Available

We are excited to announce the availability of an updated PHP SDK for QuickBooks Online. This version of the SDK includes the addition of Reports as well as bug fixes.


The PHP SDK has been enhanced to support QuickBooks Reports APIs. The following reports are supported in this release.

  • AP Aging Summary
  • AP Aging Detail
  • AR Aging Summary
  • Balance Sheet
  • Statement of Cash Flow
  • Sales by Class
  • Customer Balance
  • Customer Income
  • Sales by Customer
  • Sales by Department
  • General Ledger Detail
  • Inventory Valuation Summary
  • Sales by Product
  • Profit and Loss
  • Trial Balance
  • Vendor Balance
  • Expenses by Vendor
  • Vendor Balance Detail

You can learn more about each of these Reports in the Reports API reference.

Bug Fixes and Resolved Issues

  • Batch
    • Fixed an issue where request payload was incorrectly generated when creating multi-line Bill.

You can find complete release notes for PHP SDK v2.3 here and learn more about the PHP SDK here.

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2 responses to “PHP SDK v2.3 for QuickBooks Online Now Available”

  1. kanhaiya Avatar

    I want to fetch real-time data from my Quickbooks Online edition’s (India) account to display customer details like Open Balance, address etc. on my wordpress website.can you plase help. how its work.? Thanks in advance

    1. Lisa Rathjens Avatar
      Lisa Rathjens

      Hi Kanhaiya, Be sure to post your tech support questions on our developer forums site for the best and fastest replies! You can find that at https://help.developer.intuit.com/s/

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