It's a Wrap! 2015 Highlights for Intuit Developer

Developers! With 2016 only just days away, its time to reflect on all things 2015 – take a look back and take stock of all the accomplishments, milestones and updates that happened this year.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

  1. We kicked off the year at the Developer Week Hackathon in San Francisco and Confoo dev conference in Montreal, getting a chance to introduce new developers to the QuickBooks platform.
  2. Throughout the year we met many of you around the country sharing #unicornlibations at drinkups. It was an awesome way to connect with devs face-to-face, share whats new, and learn about what youre doing too.
  3. We shared a very enlightening study, commissioned by Intuit, that showed why the small business market is the next big thing for developers.
  4. In June, we announced that we had reached 1 million QuickBooks Online subscribers, sooner than was previously projected. And subscriptions continue to grow at a healthy clip.
  5. We evolved our APIs adding support for echecks to the Payments API, and item hierarchies and multi-currency to the Accounting API.
  6. We featured a number of new app partners at Scaling New Heights in June, exposing these great new solutions to hundreds of accountants.
  7. We released the ability to create marketing content on a per-country basis on Apps.com.
  8. We added new options for publishing to Apps.com, opening that channel to a broader range of small business solutions.
  9. We added support for non-US countries to sandboxes enabling you to test your application in all geographies and added the ability to purge your sandbox data.
  10. We launched a brand new partner program allowing our developers to unlock new benefits as they grow with the platform.
  11. We rolled out a revamped status dashboard, an easier and consistent way for us to share timely information about system and service status.
  12. We launched a brand new developer hub, a one-stop shop for developers to keep up-to-date with technical tips, product updates, events, training, etc.
  13. Finally, the 2nd edition of our QuickBooks Connect conference brought together over 5000 small businesses, accountants, developers, entrepreneurs and Intuit employees and featured two days of all day and night hacking and solid sessions for developers.

As we say goodbye to 2015, I’d like to personally thank you for being part of Intuit Developer and investing your time solving problems for our joint small business and accountant customers. I can’t wait to see what we accomplish together in 2016!






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