What's New for Developers in QuickBooks Online?

Heres a quick summary of new and changed features in the last few releases of QuickBooks Online for app developers. See the full Release Notes for all the details.

QuickBooks API v89 was the last release to use our old version number formatting. Since then, version number formatting for the QuickBooks API releases has changed from incremented, vNN, (v90) to a year/month format, vYYMM, (v1509).

In the 1509 release:

  • The Sku attribute is now available for item objects.
  • The NonInventory item type has been added for tracking supplies and other noninventory items.

In the v1511 release:

  • The Item resource now supports item hierarchies with the new Category item type.
  • Apps can now associate images with item objects, via the Attachable resource.
  • The Deposit resource now supports the TxnTaxDetail element.
  • Description lines in sales objects can now be used to represent subtotal lines.

The v1512 release added support for the French Plan Comptable General.

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