REST essentials for the QuickBooks API

Hot off the press is a quick reference guide of REST API essentials that will help you get going with the QuickBooks API. All the details are in one place for both of the QuickBooks API domains: Accounting API and Payments API.

Designed primarily for developers familiar with REST API principles that just need to know Intuit Developer-specific implementation details, it has something for everyone. Here is the list of REST topics you will find in this new guide.

  • Base URLs
  • URI format
  • The authorization header
  • Request header fields
  • Response header fields
  • Error handling
  • Multi-object read
  • Updating an object
  • Deleting an object
  • Company ID
  • Customer ID
  • Object ID
  • Request ID
  • Object status
  • Limits and throttles
  • Latest QuickBooks API release notes
  • QuickBooks API XSDs

Check it out and share your questions and comments on our developer forums!





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