Why you may not be getting subscriptions to your small business app

Gather your marketing and sales teams, and take this quiz.


Questions Points
1 From memory, name as many of the top 100 Intuit Pro Advisors as you can.

1 point for each one, 5 points for each one you have actually communicated with

2 Name as many accounting conferences/shows that you can.

1 point for each one, 5 points if you have attended, 20 points if you have rented a booth

3 By only looking at the pictures on your app card, can you understand the benefit of your app?

10 points for YES, 0 for NO: 0, minus 10 if you show ANY print screens of a computer desktop

4 If you know #QBOchat, BWAM, QB PowerHour, or CPA Academy.

3 points each one you know, 10 points for each one you’ve used

5 How many months is the sales cycle to accountants?

1 point for every month

6 Your app works in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, mobile browsers and you have a native Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android Apps.

1 point for each browser, 5 points for each the native app

7 Do you offer special pricing or a free subscription to accountants?

5 points for special pricing, 10 points for free subscription

8 Have you done a cross promotion with another app on Apps.com? (e.g. blog content)

5 points for each app you have done it with

9 List each member of your support team that is a QuickBooks Online Pro Advisor.

10 points for each team member

10 Look at your app reviews on Apps.com for the last 90 days.

5 points for every 5 star review, minus 20 points for zero reviews in the last 90 days


1 point for each QuickBooks Pro Advisor you have hugged this year

Total Points


How many points did you get? Did you leave a lot on the table? Any interest in leaving your score in the comments below for other apps developers to see?

I’m guessing if you are reading this post your score is lower than you would like.

Here are some tips on how to increase your score for each question:

  1. Start with this list: 2015 Top 100 ProAdvisorss or this list that was published the same day as this post:  2016 Top 100 ProAdvisors
  2. This isn’t the entire list, but this is where the Intuit Accountants Team will be in 2016.
  3. Customers really only look at your pictures, price, and reviews. Make sure your pictures communicate the value your app provides.
  4. Conversations about your app are probably occurring in these communities, you need to participate in the conversation as well. #QBOchat, BWAM, QB PowerHour, CPA Academy, and this poorly named but gigantic LinkedIn Group
  5. It’s 18 months, 15 months, 24 months. The point is that it isn’t counted in days. Read #9 here: 10 Things Successful Small Business App Developers Do To Win With Accountants
  6. If your app is truly SaaS it works on any device/screen someone picks up. Let’s say you build an app that is only for iOS, and I have a business that has a mix of employees using iOS and Andriod. I am going to choose the app that 100% of my employees can run.
  7. Read #6 here: 10 Things Successful Small Business App Developers Do To Win With Accountants
  8. It takes a village. The most successful Apps.com apps are the ones that are working together and supporting one another.
  9. Remember, that SaaS is Software as a Service. The better trained on QuickBooks Online your team is the better service they’ll provide.
  10. Have you purchased anything in the last decade from Amazon without glancing at the review score, or reading the reviews? Rest my case. Proactively ask your customers for reviews. e.g. Have your support team ask customers to write a review after they provide them with great service.







One response to “Why you may not be getting subscriptions to your small business app”

  1. Matthew Avatar

    Great Survey David,

    I am embarrassed to admit that I had a couple point deductions that helped me reach my final score of 112. It was eye opening to see how many names were on the top 100 that I was not familiar with, but I look forward to all the new knowledge that means there is out there waiting to be shared. As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, I think your survey nailed it by offering points for every Online ProAdvisor that is on your support team. The better your team understands both products, the happier your clients will be!

    Thanks for the time and the insights, it is truly appreciated!

    Matthew Fulton

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