QuickBooks Connect 2016: Planning Checklist for Developers

With only 125 days until QuickBooks Connect 2016 (probably even less by the time you read this) it is time to start making plans for you and your team. Below you’ll find a checklist that I created so you don’t miss out on any of the exciting opportunities at the QuickBooks Connect event.

If you are wondering what QuickBooks Connect is, watch this QuickBooks Connect 2015 highlight video.

next_7_days Determine which days you are going to attend

  • October 22 + 23 | Pre-Conference Hackathon – Two full days devoted to developers and the future of small business technology.
  • October 24 | Accountant Day – QuickBooks Online training, certification, and breakout sessions focused on accountants. The expo floor opens and $100k Small Business App Showdown takes place in the evening.
  • October 25 | Main Conference Day – Amazing main stage keynotes, a mini keynote session just for developers, breakout sessions, networking opportunities and the QuickBooks Connect Party!
  • October 26 | Finale – Even more speakers, breakout sessions and networking opportunities.

I am recommending that developers attend all 5 days. Come on Saturday and Sunday to hack on some cool tech that will be impacting small businesses in the future. We are changing the format of the hackathon this year, this post has more details. On Monday, take your QuickBooks Online Basic Certification training, it will help you build a better integration and provide better support. Not to mention all the great connections you’ll make with your fellow accountant classmates. Attend the main day on Tuesday. Stay for Wednesday for even more breakout sessions just for developers.

get_more_done Register for QuickBooks Connect

We are currently offering early bird pricing until July 31st. Last year the event SOLD OUT! Click here to register for QuickBooks Connect.

QBC_Sponsors_1_Blimp Sponsor QuickBooks Connect

We are offering more ways to connect and expose your app to the small business ecosystem than ever before. Last year a developer reported capturing over 700 leads, so be sure to join them and all the other amazing QuickBooks Connect Sponsors. Click here to sponsor QuickBooks Connect.

developer_for_ppt Enter your app in the $100k Small Business App Showdown

We are running a special contest this year just for newest Apps.com apps. The top 10 apps will be invited to QuickBooks Connect to compete for a $100k grand prize. Click here to enter your app into the $100k Small Business App Showdown.

 unreviewed_trips_1 Book your travel

This page has discounted rates and reservation codes for multiple hotels and airlines: Click here to book your travel for QuickBooks Connect.


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