Enhancements to the QuickBooks .NET SDK Documentation

We’re excited to announce that we’ve made major enhancements to the QuickBooks .NET SDK documentation. Here are the highlights:

  • A new Quick start page, which describes a typical sequence for app development and includes topics on features you may want to include in your apps. Topics include how to:
    • Use the RequestId parameter to make API calls
    • Use the includeQueryParam to request that a reserved name/value pair be included in a response
    • Create an invoice
    • Get an invoice in PDF format
    • Void an invoice
    • Make batch calls to add, delete, or update data, or to make a query
    • Make change data capture (CDC) calls to return a list of entities that have changed
    • Create and update custom fields
    • Create and read a TaxCode
    • Use attachments
    • Develop an app using the DevDefined library
      • Make Payments API call
  • Significant revisions to the Configuration page to better describe the config file parameters and how to set them using code.
  • Revisions to the Logging page to clarify the available logging options.
    • Revisions to the Query filters page to clarify the available query options.

Check it out and share your questions and comments below or on our developer forums!







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