Changes to Profit and Loss Report for non-US locales

QuickBooks Online API v1607 fixes a bug in the Profit and Loss report for non-US locales.

What was the problem?

Data for the company’s Net Income was omitted from the Profit and Loss report response for non-US countries.

What’s the resolution?

With the release of QuickBooks Online V1607, Mapping for Net Income will be correct in Profit and Loss response code. Here is a summary of the corrected mapping:

  • Data for the company’s OtherIncome or OtherExpense account types is mapped as follows in the response code:
    • Net Operating Income(group:NetOperatingIncome)
    • Net Other Income(group:NetOtherIncome)
    • Net Income(group:NetIncome)
  • Data for the company’s Income and Expense accounts is included in the Net Income (group:NetIncome) node in the response.

Developers need to be aware of this new column mapping and make appropriate changes to their code to handle it. If you do not correct your code to handle the response correctly, your app might break or you might receive incorrect data in the report.





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