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Refreshed Marketplace for QuickBooks Desktop Apps to Launch This Month

We have great news for developers who build apps that target our QuickBooks Desktop customers – those using QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise.  To address feedback from both developers as well as small business and accountant customers, we are launching a new app marketplace later this month.  The older, out-of-date Intuit Marketplace will soon be replaced by the new “Apps for QuickBooks Desktop” site. The QuickBooks Desktop product itself will also include a link to this new marketplace.

We have begun reaching out to developers to submit their apps for this new marketplace.  No content is being migrated from the older site – this includes app listings, reviews, and the Gold / Silver logos (that program is no longer active).  All apps, including those previously listed on the older Intuit Marketplace, must submit their app and pass a technical and app card review prior to being listed in the new marketplace.  

If you have an app that uses the QuickBooks Desktop SDK and optionally, the QuickBooks Web Connector, to integrate with QuickBooks Desktop, you can now submit your app to be listed.  It does take time to review the apps, so don’t hesitate to get started.

As always, apps that support QuickBooks Online are listed on the QuickBooks Online App Store.  Please follow the steps to submit your app and make it available to our more than 1.5 million QuickBooks Online customers.  If your app serves both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, you will need to submit separately for each site.

Have an app that supports QuickBooks Desktop? Submit now and stay tuned for the formal launch later this month.





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  1. Lee Avatar

    Welcome back to the desktop!

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