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Global Intuit Study Results: Small Businesses Using Apps in Record Numbers

A recent Intuit study, focused on small businesses in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, revealed that 64 percent of small businesses run in the cloud, 68 percent use apps, and 66 percent use a smartphone. In addition, small business owners are seeing – and experiencing – the long-term effect of mobile- and web-based apps on their bottom line, allowing them to focus on growing their business.

For developers, this means there is ample opportunity to see wide-scale adoption of new apps by small businesses.  What will you build that will impact their bottom line?

Here at Intuit Developer, we are committed to delivering the best outcomes for developers, small businesses, and accountants.  To enable developers to build awesome experiences, we’ve recently released Webhooks, enhanced the .NET SDK documentation, and given all of our developer docs a makeover. To help developers succeed, we’re investing in apps that have already been built for our platform with our Small Business App Showdown and by providing marketing advice to help developers grow their customer base. And to help end users, we’re making it easier for small businesses and accountants to find apps that are right for them with our personalized app recommendations.

Are you excited about what the future holds for developers in the small business space?  Join us at QuickBooks Connect and our annual hackathon – show us how your innovations will make a difference for small businesses and accountants!  

The eBook summarizing the study is available on SlideShare.






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