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Intuit Tech Talk: Monolith to Microservices

Devs — You’re invited to Intuit’s headquarters in Mt. View, CA, next week Wednesday, November 16th, to learn what it takes for a company with millions of desktop customers and a 4+ million line-of-code code monolith to transform into a micro-services platform. RSVP here.

Intuit’s platform transformation

Join us to learn about Intuit’s platform transformation from 5 women engineering leaders who are driving this massive game-changer. As both engineers and women in technical leadership, they’ll also share their personal journeys.

They will share their stories on implementing micro-services, making APIs available for 3P developers, our application fabric, and what that means for Intuit’s overall ecosystem. Our panelists will elaborate on the goals they sought, the value they achieved, as well as practical tips and pitfalls along the way.


  • Moderator: Nirmala Ranganathan, Principal Engineer – A passionate technology leader in the Innovation and Advanced Technology Group at Intuit, Nirmala builds minimum viable products and experiments that form a pipeline of potential new businesses for Intuit. She has over 18 years of experience in enterprise and Internet technologies, including four years as a principal innovation engineer within the innovation group.
  • Panelist: Malini Jayaraman, Group Manager, Developer Productivity Engineering – A consumer-focused, results-driven, high-traffic site operations and program management professional, Malini has over 20 years of experience in IT: directing full project life cycles for complex, multi-site program initiatives, safeguarding and securing sites.
  • Panelist: Denise McInerney, Data Architect – A data professional with over 16 years of experience. As a data architect at Intuit, Denise designs and implements BI and analytics solutions with a focus on enabling the work of analysts and business users.
  • Panelist: Manasa Murthy, Director of Engineering – Manasa is particularly passionate about building customer-facing products — specifically UI design and development — in the SaaS world. She is responsible for development of QuickBooks Payroll, a leading online payroll solution for small businesses. She owns multiple product lines generating $220M in revenue with over 500K paid subscribers.
  • Panelist: Rajashree Pimpalkhare, Director of Engineering, Intuit Developer Group – Rajashree leads engineering for the Intuit Developer Group, which enables 3P developers to build, publish, and market applications that connect to QuickBooks, Intuit’s small business platform. A business-focused technology leader with over 24 years of experience, she is known for blazing the trail to solve technical and business challenges with innovative, outside-the-box solutions that span functional and organizational boundaries.

Intuit continues to push the boundaries of technology by investing in passionate people who believe in the potential of innovative technologies in the hands of talented, empowered, and collaborative teams.

Join us!

Bring your questions to seek insight and support from our panel!

To learn more and RSVP, click here.

Hope to see you next week!





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