QuickBooks Connect 2016 Developer Breakout Sessions Now Available


The QuickBooks Connect 2016 Developer Breakout Session slides and related discussions can be found in the new groups section of the Intuit Developer Forum. Please view the slides for any of the sessions you are interested in, even better ask a question or two to the presenters.

Also keep an eye on the Intuit Developer Events page, as I will be having each of the session presenters on as guests on future Intuit Developer Friday Morning Hangouts.

Here are direct links to each session:

How small business can benefit from developer innovation

Building your first QuickBooks App integration

Using WebHooks to handle data changes in your app

The 12 golden rules for building products that customers love

App integration design best practices

Marketing your app: learn from your developer peers

Implementing analytic and optimization tools on your website or app

Designing for mobile

Building a global app: understanding the Global Tax Model and Multicurrency







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