Sample apps for CRUD operations in Java, PHP, and .NET

Hey Devs,

Just wanted to let you know that Diana DeRose and Nimisha Shrivastava from our developer support team have been busy creating some new sample apps for you, and they are all posted in the Intuit Developer GitHub repository. Using these samples is a great way to get started on using some of the basic operations of our API with your app.

There are three samples, in Java, PHP, and .NET, that show how to define basic CRUD operations for entities available in the QuickBooks API. These sample apps demonstrate: Create, Read, Query, Update, Delete, Void entities.

Go to our github repo for more details and to download the samples.

Try them out and let us know what you think.






4 responses to “Sample apps for CRUD operations in Java, PHP, and .NET”

  1. John Avatar

    This may be a dumb question, since it has been 8 years since I last used Eclipse for development and things have changed somewhat.

    I am trying to execute First Use Instructions – Step 3 (Import the project in Eclipse or any other IDE of your choice) for the SampleApp-CRUD-Java code.

    I successfully cloned the git repository and have the folder in my workspace. I expected that I would simply be able to tell Eclipse to “Import > Existing Projects into Workspace” from the Import Wizard. However, when I try that and select the retrieved folder, the wizard tells me that “No projects are found to import”. I do not expect/want to have to reassemble packages and buildpaths, etc.

    Am I missing something obvious?

    1. John Avatar

      Finally figured this out myself tonight. Bad assumption on my part to import as a Java project. I needed to install the BuildShip Gradle plugin and import the project as an Existing Gradle Project – now it’s all clean and error free!

      1. Lisa Rathjens Avatar
        Lisa Rathjens

        So glad it’s working for you, John!

  2. Om Avatar


    I require to implement a payment system in my website and looking to Quick book to achieve my goal. But not sure it will work or not.
    My requirement:

    1 : Money will come in to my bank account.
    2: Distribution of that money to different bank account.
    3: Also i want print a check in case if i have not the account of some one.

    And i want this functionality through Quick Book API. I mean i want initiate the process from my website admin panel and it should be processed.
    My website is PHP based.

    I need help. Can my requirement fulfill with Quick Book?


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