Get Engaged with the Intuit Customer Community!

Developers! Here’s a chance to interact more directly with your customers!

Intuit’s Customer Community

Every day at Intuit’s Customer Community site, 1000’s of QuickBooks customers and experts ask/answer questions and exchange ideas. It is a great place for customers to interact with each other, accountants, ProAdvisors, and also with you – 3rd-party app developers.

That’s right! Joining this community as a 3rd-party developer will give you the chance to answer customer questions about your app directly. It will also help you understand how customers’ use and think about apps in general. These insights can help you improve your own  app and customer experience overall.

Create an External Developer Profile

We have created a new profile role on this community site called external developer. This identity will help you establish your presence on the community site and will let customers know when they are talking with an app developer.

To set up your profile, log into community.intuit.com using your Intuit Developer credentials and create a profile using these guidelines:

Once you’ve created your profile, the Community admin will mark it as an External Developer. That’s it!

Ready to Join?

Be sure to review the FAQ’s below as well as the Terms of Use for the Community page before you post. The terms of use apply to all users, including developers.  Still have questions? Share them in the comments below.


1. Who are the users/customers of Intuit Community?

  • Small Business owners. They use QuickBooks because they have to get their accounting done. They would rather spend time doing the work of their business.
  • Power Users/Bookkeepers. Their job is to use QuickBooks to manage a company’s books. They want to know more.
  • Accountants: They are often the ones who recommended that their clients use QuickBooks. Accountants produce financial and tax statements and help their clients with leveraging the QuickBooks ecosystem.

2. What are the things to consider when answering a questions from customer?

  • Accuracy
    • Does the answer fit the question?
    • Did you address all the customer’s questions?
    • Did you make every attempt to resolve the issue in one answer?
  • Voice and Tone
    • Does your voice match the customers? Are you speaking at their level and not over/underwhelming them?
    • Are you using words the customer will be familiar with and avoiding technical jargon? Do you explain things simply and succinctly?
    • Does your answer sound like it could have been written by a robot? Is it very formal and stilted or does it sound like you are talking to a friend?
    • Are you empathizing with the customer when appropriate? Is your answer personalized to their situation and not a “cookie cutter” response?
  • Grammar, Typos, and Punctuation
    • Is the answer free of grammatical and punctuation errors?
    • Is the answer free of misspellings and/or incorrect word usage?
  • Formatting
    • Make sure your answer is easy to scan for the most important information. Do not over-use formatting, as it could make your answer harder to read.

3. Is this a channel for promoting my App?

No. Intuit community is not a platform for promoting your app. Posts that promote an app or are derogatory toward an app will be taken down or marked for removal.

4. Where can I find the terms of use for Intuit Community?

Terms of use for Intuit community are at https://community.intuit.com/terms_of_use. As a developer on Intuit community, you must follow the same set of guidelines as any other community user. Your comments and contributions are moderated based on the terms of use.

5. How is this community different from the developer community on developer.intuit.com?

Intuit Community is a place where the users of Intuit products, including QuickBooks Online and its ecosystem, get their questions answered. This is managed and monitored by Intuit’s Customer Care team.

Community on developer.intuit.com is a support community for developers who are building on the QuickBooks platform. This is managed and monitored by the Intuit Developer Support team.

6. Is this available for global developers or only US developers?

Creation of an external developer profile is not limited to any geographic region.

7. How do I get notified of new posts or subscribe to discussions?

The community has a feature by which you can follow questions or tags that interest you. Find the available tags on https://community.intuit.com/tags





2 responses to “Get Engaged with the Intuit Customer Community!”

  1. Sergiy Avatar

    How long should it take for the account type to be change to external developer?

    1. Lisa Rathjens Avatar
      Lisa Rathjens

      Hi Sergiy, it shouldn’t take more than 1 business day. Are you set up now? Check your profile to make sure you set your “Job Role” as “App Developer – Entriwise”. If still not set up, submit a ticket and we’ll get it sorted out for you!

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