10 Reasons Why You Should Enter the #SmallBiz #AppShowdown!

Hi developers, it’s time to enter your app in this year’s $100,000 Small Business  App Showdown. If you’re a finalist, you’ll win coveted demo space to show off your app to attendees at the annual QuickBooks Connect conference, which is heavily attended by the ‘golden triangle’ of the small business ecosystem: Accountants, Small Business Entrepreneurs and Developers.

Then, in what is becoming a QuickBooks Connect tradition, the top ten finalists will pitch their apps onstage at QuickBooks Connect before an audience and a panel of judges, for a prize of $100,000.

Yes, you read that right. One hundred thousand dollars, pieces of green, ducats, cheese, billz.

In case you are very busy with other things and need an extra sweetener to get your QuickBooks integration past the finish line, we’ve put on our thinking caps to give you a list of 10 things you could do with $100,000 if you win the 2017 Small Business App Showdown. We admit it, some of our thinking caps kinda fit funny, but it’s all true. You could:

  1. Hire a mentor to guide you in your next steps,a business guru to help you scale, get more investor money, and grow.
  2. Hire more developers, expand your app’s feature set and integration with QuickBooks and then hit every major accounting show for the next 18 months.
  3. Pay off mom and dad for the angel round…and last month’s rent.
  4. FINALLY hire a professional designer to work on your app’s logo.
  5. Marketing, marketing, wherefore art thou MARKETING!
  6. Re-create the best dinosaur movie ever… in LEGOS.
  7. Build yourself a new modern office.
  8. Rent 2000 sq ft of office space in San Francisco, CA for six months.
  9. Rent 2000 sq ft of office space in Kentucky for 7 yrs.
  10. Get it in $1 bills, buy stickers with your app logo and URL, attach them to each bill, and drop them all from a helicopter over LA (media coverage: priceless).

Want more (or maybe just a laugh)? We’ll be tweeting more from @IntuitDev as the deadline for submission closes. Just look for #smallbiz #appshowdown – and if you have another reason, let us know!






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