Amazon Sellers Can and Should Use QuickBooks Online

In May, Intuit QuickBooks organized a meetup with Amazon and our developer partner A2X in Sydney, Australia to talk about the importance of apps and integrations within the QuickBooks ecosystem and how Amazon sellers can benefit from using QuickBooks.

A2X is a cloud software service that connects Amazon’s marketplace systems to accounting systems to automate sales and expenses. It’s our key partnerships with companies like A2X that enhance QBO and allow for an entirely new set of online merchants to take advantage of our integrated offerings. Not to mention, A2X was a finalist in our 2017 Small Business App Showdown!

Amazon.com recently launched its signature delivery business for third-party sellers in Australia, which is an amazing opportunity for Australian small businesses. However, this is a new territory and the ability to sell internationally presents a unique challenge for thousands of Australian vendors.

Many Amazon businesses that sell physical products have disconnected systems. The various apps and parts of their business don’t communicate and share information properly, which can create serious information bottlenecks and cashflow issues. Things get even more complicated if a vendor is selling internationally.

This is where QBO steps in. QuickBooks Online can handle inventory, foreign currency, and can help manage money coming in and going out of bank accounts right as sales happen. QBO also automates transactions and accounts for expenses in real-time. For new Amazon sellers, this can be game changing because it will help track how much they are spending on materials, fees, marketing and more.

Here’s another perfect example of the A2X and QBO integration at work. For multi-channel sellers who are just getting started on Amazon, but already have existing customers on other platforms or at brick and mortar shops, QBO works as a perfect solution to manage inventory across multiple sales channels and warehouses.

By using QBO to set up an integrated, connected automated system, businesses can reduce workload, increase the accuracy of financial and sales information and free up time to focus on activities that grow their business.

At Intuit we know that we can’t solve every problem a small business needs to solve; so we introduce the third core member of our three-sided platform—the developers who enable those small business solutions to come forth. This A2X meetup was a great way to see our developer ecosystem come to life, while also educating many Australian Amazon sellers on how QBO can simplify and streamline their businesses as they get adjusted to this new online retail platform.







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  1. Sergiy Avatar

    Entriwise has introduced full Amazon integration and reconciliation a year before with many more features, yet not mentioned at all in this blog post?

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