Why Developers Should Be Active on Forums: Insights from Konstantin Khisamov of CloudBusiness LLC

Konstantin Khisamov, a software developer at CloudBusiness LLC, knows that, at some point, developers will face problems they can’t solve on their own. He’s been there. And when he searched for answers, he found them with the Intuit Developer Support Community.

Today, he shares why he believes being active on forums provides long-term benefits for every developer.

Konstantin’s Insights on the Intuit Developer Support Community

Before we jump into the importance and benefits of forum participation, let’s take a brief look at CloudBusiness LLC.

The company offers cloud-based solutions and business accounting software, which users can use, or they can customize their own. If you recognize the name, it may be because their app, Flowless, was one of the 2018 $100K Small Business App Showdown finalists. Flowless streamlines any business workflow by automating recurring business actions and tracking the results through the connected QuickBooks company. The app is configurable and doesn’t require additional IT skills or technical staff.

Konstantin helped develop Flowless, an idea he and the team came up with before participating in Intuit’s SmallBiz Hack in London this past February. He says, “It seems that this idea responds to the needs of QuickBooks users because we won that Hackathon!”

As he continues to work on the contest-winning app, Konstantin isn’t shy about asking for help. And he’s able to get the information he needs through the Intuit Developer Support Community.

“While developing, you sooner or later face the problem that you require assistance with,” he says. “I was looking for a solution to my particular issue and discovered the Intuit Developer Forum as a great database with developers’ experience where you can always find the right answer to your question.”

He’s well known in the Intuit Developer Support Community. In fact, he tops the Leaderboard as the top “Alphageek” with 4,957 points (at the time of this writing). The next developer on the board (who happens to be a CloudBusiness colleague) comes in at 4,246 points, but it’s not about competition.

Konstanin explains. “We at CloudBusiness believe that when you use such powerful tools, you always have to make your contribution to help it evolve. By helping others find their right solution, you inevitably improve your domain knowledge and get deeper understanding of QuickBooks as the platform for developers and the technology that is trending.”

Developers can easily find help on the Intuit Developer Support Community page. Click on the various topics—which include General Questions, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Payments, Marketing and Apps.com, and more—and you’re directed to the various questions that have already been asked with the answers readily available. You’re encouraged to search before you enter your own specific question(s) as that situation may have already been resolved. Other options on the page include training information, the platform’s status, a place to request a feature, sample code, and a bug tracker.

Konstantin points out, “Sometimes time is critical, and the Developer Forum is a back door and a life vest that always works. Do not hesitate to ask your questions and respond to those problems that you are aware of. Each of your answers and questions becomes a legacy and a workbook for a startup developer or those who faced a non-trivial problem. You have to remember that your impact always counts!”

Participate in the Intuit Developer Support Community

As Konstantin and the CloudBusiness team move forward with Flowless and their other apps, they’ll continue to engage with the Intuit Developer support forum.

“Intuit Developer’s strategy that allows third party players, such as our team, work with QuickBooks and offer our solutions to the needs of QuickBooks users is very unique. Also, communication is a key aspect of mutual progress,” Konstantin says. “The Intuit Developer community is a great place to quickly learn about any updates and search necessary topics thanks to the great knowledge base there.”

Participating in the Intuit Developer Support Community benefits everyone, and we encourage our developers to become actively involved. We’re here to assist you in any way possible and to keep you updated with what’s happening in the Intuit Developer space.

Konstantin agrees. “Sometimes quick discussion is needed, and QuickBooks developers are always there and ready to help.”







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