Small Business App Showdown 2019 – Enter Your App to Win $100,000!

The #AppShowdown is back and we’re bigger than ever!

The 2019 Small Business App Showdown is officially open for app submissions.  Any app that publishes on Apps.com between 8/16/18 – 8/15/19 is eligible to enter.
Entry takes about 30 seconds to complete and this program has the ability to change your business.


Origin of the Small Business App Showdown:

The #AppShowdown was created over 4 years ago to solve a serious problem for both developers as well as accountants and small businesses. Apps were publishing on Apps.com, but they were so many new ones every year that Accountants and Small Businesses told us it was hard to keep up with the latest technology, and for developers, it was hard to get noticed.  So the Intuit Developer team came together to solve the problem. How do we build a program that makes it digestible to find the top new apps every single year while driving early adoption for our newest apps on apps.com.  And after the first year, we learned that just giving away $100,000 wasn’t enough to help our apps grow, so starting with year two, we added six months of post event marketing for all ten finalists.

Sounds pretty rad, right?  Now it’s YOUR chance to be one of the top apps of 2019, pitch on stage at QuickBooks Connect for $100,000 and reap the benefits of a massive marketing campaign that benefits all TEN finalists.

How to Enter

Any app that publishes on Apps.com between August 16, 2018 and August 15, 2019 is eligible to enter. Entry takes about 30 seconds to complete. You  just need to upload your logo, tagline and link to Apps.com. Once your entry is validated (which takes approximately 24 hours), you’ll be up on the Showdown App Gallery. Enter the contest here. 

Three Parts of the Contest

There are three parts to the App Showdown Contest

  • Part 1: PUBLISH & ENTER: Any app published on the QuickBooks App Store between August 16, 2018 and Aug. 15, 2019 may be eligible to register for the contest and will be listed in the contest gallery.
  • Part 2: VOTE: Encourage people to VOTE for your app between August 16 and September 15, 2019.  Along with the voting results, Intuit uses contest criteria to select the 10 finalists.
  • Part 3: PITCH: Ten (10) finalists win a featured space at QuickBooks Connect and a chance to pitch to a panel of judges for the $100,000 Grand Prize!

But, wait! There’s a part four: SIX months of marketing with Intuit Developer for all TEN developers

Did you know that arguably more valuable than winning $100,000 is receiving six months of marketing from Intuit Developer for your application? All ten finalists receive this added bonus.  Marketing opportunities could include activities like banner ads on Apps.com, social boosts, press, marketing via blogs and email campaigns, event sponsorship, accountant training and more!

What do you need to do right now?

  • Step 1: Build and publish your app on the QuickBooks App Store before Aug. 15, 2019!  This really means you need to submit for publishing before July 15, 2019 to have a higher chance of passing technical and security reviews in time for the contest deadline.  
  • Step 2: Enter the contest!  Once you’ve published your app (OR if your app is already published), ENTER your app into the contest, and it will be listed in our contest gallery.
  • Step 3: Vote!  Between August 16 and September 15, the contest gallery turns into a voting gallery, where everyone can vote for your app to become one of the 10 finalists. Intuit will use the results of the customer voting as well as other criteria (see the criteria specifics in the official rules) to select the 10 finalists.
  • Step 4: Compete! The 10 finalists will come to QuickBooks Connect in San Jose, CA, in November to show off their apps in a featured exhibit space, and pitch their app to a panel of judges for a chance at the $100K Grand Prize!

What are past finalists saying?

  • “Being part of the App Showdown will beat your expectations, we can’t endorse it enough. Intuit has created not only a contest but a wonderful opportunity to build strong relationships with themselves and your fellow developers” -Nick Dunse, Pay with Bolt
  • “Thanks to the exposure we received, we have seen a significant increase in leads coming in from apps.com! Plus, attending and exhibiting our app at QB Connect has been an incredible opportunity that we wouldn’t have been able to experience without the App Showdown.” – Kylie Schiffelbein, LOCATE Inventory 
  • “We participated in the App Showdown as it looked like an exciting way to build connections with Intuit Dev and the QuickBooks community, and to help build awareness for our offering. We would definitely recommend anyone developing an app on the Intuit platform to be a part of the App Showdown! it is a great way to introduce your offering to both Intuit and potential users of your app, and a great way to stay abreast of all the cool things happening within the Intuit community. It’s well worth it!” -Regis Malloy, G1VE
  • “Being part of the App Showdown family was an unforgettable experience. Connecting with hundreds of the most tech-savvy accounting professionals and industry influencers was a transformative journey, especially in the ways in which our software is marketed, developed and used. The App Showdown may have taken place last year, but we are still seeing the rewards to this day and the opportunities go way beyond that single week of events. Thank you for the amazing ride, Intuit!” -Yohan Varella, Paypie
  • “Being a finalist in the App Showdown has increased the visibility of the app there by getting more leads, increased partnerships with other apps and is a stamp of approval for our app from Intuit!” – Rao Meka, shopVOX 
  • “The App Showdown is a great way to for startups with great technology to get the word out in a way that is a no-brainer from a cost (i.e. zero) and benefits perspective AND is another great example of how Intuit values, supports and nurtures its partners.” – Wayne Caccamo, StatX

This year, just like last year, we’re dedicated to your success, so that means we’ll also do POST event marketing! So even if you don’t win the prize money, you’ll still have the opportunity to receive a TON of marketing support from the Intuit team.

What are you waiting for? Publish your app, and enter to win!



The fine print:

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. OPEN WORLDWIDE EXCEPT FOR LEGAL RESIDENTS OF CUBA, BURMA/MYANMAR, IRAN, NORTH KOREA, SUDAN OR SYRIA, 18 YEARS AND OLDER. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. Enter Contest by: 8/15/19 at 11:59 p.m. PT. For Official Rules and prize descriptions, visit SmallBusinessAppShowdown.com. Sponsor: Intuit, Inc., 2700 Coast Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043, U.S.A.






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