National Small Business Week 2019: How The Intuit Developer Community Is Empowering SMBs

The Intuit Developer Community is filled with innovative apps designed to meet the unique needs of millions of QuickBooks® Online companies. With National Small Business Week 2019 (May 5 – 11, 2019) upon us—a week where small businesses (SMBs) are celebrated for their amazing contributions to the economy—we thought it would be the perfect time to recognize a few of our own developers and app teams, and explore why they’re so passionate about empowering other SMBs to succeed.

These developers and their stories reflect the mindset and the commitment of the entire Intuit Developer Community, and we hope you’ll benefit from reading about their journeys.

ClockShark: SMBs Are Why We Exist

“Saying ‘running a small business is challenging’ is like saying ‘Antarctica is a little chilly’,” says Cliff Mitchell, Co-Founder and CEO of ClockShark.

And he would know. In a past job, he managed a local construction and field service company, and it opened his eyes to the many frustrations SMBs face in their daily administrative duties. His specific pain point was the lack of a time tracking solution geared for the construction industry, one that could handle job costing, changing schedules, and software adoption by those working in the field. So, Cliff and his brother Joe created ClockShark.

“ClockShark was built to handle all of the nuanced challenges for SMBs in construction and field services. After we developed some initial software that was gaining adoption, it was immediately clear that we needed to connect the dots between all the job and task data with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop to further enhance the time savings and job costing benefits. ClockShark and QuickBooks offer that proverbial 1 + 1 = 3 scenario for our customers,” says Joe.

Their customers are their number one priority and their mission is to “create love.” Their 4,000+ customers and 1,000+ positive reviews indicate they’re on track to fulfill that mission, and their app, which eliminates paper time cards and manual scheduling, helps construction SMBs fulfill theirs. Check out this video by customer Assembly Builders, who is in the construction space.

“SMBs are why we exist, and we make sure to put customers first,” Cliff says.

This all shows in how the team at ClockShark is celebrating National Small Business Week 2019. “We’re planning a lunch for the whole team at a nearby local restaurant to support that SMB. We’re also planning activities with a couple of Chico’s local and SMB business community resources who do fantastic work to help support and enrich SMBs and entrepreneurs in NorCal. Lastly, we’re sending care packages to our local small business customers around Chico to show our appreciation,” says Cliff.

To learn more about ClockShark and what they do, check out the App Card for ClockShark. You can also read more at this blog post: National Small Business Week 2019: How ClockShark Streamlines Processes for Construction and Field Services SMBs.

chata.ai: The Love We Have For SMBs is in Our Blood

We believe in a future where humans interact with their business software simply by talking to it. It’s about making data access and analysis easy. And more than that, it’s about empowering SMBs to make their data work for them,” says Kelly Cherniwchan, Founder and CEO of chata.ai.

The future he speaks of is already here, and he and his team are the developers who made it happen. Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), they created chata.ai, a “conversational business tool” that users can verbally query for answers to such questions as, “What bills are due in the next 30 days?” and “Who are my top 5 customers by gross profit?” The answers are quick and in real-time, eliminating sifting through reports and spreadsheet, manual calculations, and rigid business intelligence tools. It also connects directly with QuickBooks and utilizes QuickBooks’ robust set of APIs.

“The love we have for SMBs is in our blood,” Kelly says. How is the team at chata.ai celebrating National Small Business Week 2019? “We’ll be continuing to do what we aim to do each and every day: hustle hard, share our story, fail often and learn quickly, celebrate our successes, and continue to be cheerleaders for all of the awesome people and companies that we have gotten to know so far in our journey. Oh, and cake. Maybe we’ll get a cake for the office.”

The App Card for chata.ai offers more details on chata.ai’s features and benefits, as does a full blog post here: National Small Business Week 2019: How chata.ai Is Empowering SMBs To Get Accounting Answers Using AI.

G1VE: Businesses Benefit from Being Social Enterprises

“Customers support social enterprise SMBs who support nonprofits who strengthen those customers’ communities. It’s a win-win-win,” Regis Malloy, Founder and CEO of G1VE.

The name of his app offers a good hint as to what G1VE stands for, which is helping SMBs become social enterprises. Regis describes his team as a “happy band of technology-loving idealists” who love being a part of a process that benefits their communities.

G1VE provides SMBs with a tool that automates their charitable giving (usually 1% of their monthly revenue) to accredited nonprofits, a public profile page to share their giving with customers, and a secure, centralized system by integrating with QuickBooks (which provides ongoing reports and records for tax time). Becoming a social enterprise helps everyone, including the SMB and their bottom line.

While their team will be working in celebration of National Small Business Week 2019, Regis says, “We will raise a glass to our fellow QuickBooks small business customers in celebration of this great week!”

If you and your team would like to become a social enterprise, G1VE is an easy and time-saving app that can make it happen. Find out more on the App Card for G1VE as well as in this blog post: National Small Business Week 2019: How (And Why) G1VE Is Empowering SMBs To Become A Social Enterprise.

National Small Business Week 2019: Praise for SMBs

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, the National Small Business Week has been a staple in the U.S. for over 50 years. They point out that SMBs “create about two out of every three news jobs in the U.S. each year.”

The impressive contributions by SMBs across the nation deserve to be recognized, and the Intuit team is proud that the connected Intuit Developer Community is filled with SMBs helping other SMBs grow and prosper.

Thank you for everything you do, and we’re here to support you every step of the way!





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