New Developer Relations Support Portal

Hi Developers!

We are excited to introduce the new Intuit Developer support portal. – https://help.developer.intuit.com

On Monday, April 29, 2019, we released an updated support portal that has a number of new features and a new header layout to help you find what you need quickly.  Now from the Help tab, you can get to the Support Topics or any number of Developer Resources. These Developer Resources include everything from accessing your support tickets to FAQs to Platform Status to Intuit Developer Events. We wanted to make it easy for your to access everything in one spot.

Here is what is new on the site:

  • Advanced search with Algolia
  • Dynamic FAQs
    • We have taken the most frequent questions and put them in a single place for you to find them.
  • Audience enabled content, so we can tailor the content to match your needs.
  • Bug Tracker integrated with Jira
    • This allows you to look up your Jira bug and see what the current status of it is.
  • Improved ticket submission with KB article search
  • Ideas – Request a feature:
    • Have an idea? Look it up here and see if someone else has thought of it. If not, add it to the list so it can be considered as future functionality.
    • Vote on existing ideas so we know what is most important to our Developer community.
    • Add comments to ideas to help us better understand why the feature is needed.
  • Integrated notifications
    • You can follow multiple topics and get notified when you want to be.
  • Events
    • Want to come to an event or see when we are out, check the event tab to see the schedule.
  • Groups
    • This is for people that have things in common.
    • If you don’t see something you want or are interested in, let us know so we can gauge interest in adding a new group.

As you can see, there are a lot of improvements happening to the developer support portal. We hope you like them. Let us know what you think in comments below!






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