Intuit Developer Spotlight: Autofy

Do you and your team have an inspirational saying? Autfy does, and the saying may resonate with accounting professionals everywhere: “I love data entry,” said no one ever.

Stopping Data Entry in Its Tracks

Joe Dwyer is the VP and GM of Right Labs at Right Networks and the creator of Autofy, which is an app-to-app integration platform. With Autofy, QuickBooks connects directly with other apps by talking directly to the APIs of many applications, allowing companies to build complex workflows that automate their business processes and eliminates data entry and errors.

The driving force behind Autofy is the desire to help SMBs run with less overhead, paperwork, errors, and chaos. “Solving their problems gives me the feeling of excitement and contribution to the ecosystem,” Joe says.

Finding the app’s target audience within the SMB market meant going where they hang out, and Joe says customers were hanging with QuickBooks. “SMBs in the U.S. use QuickBooks so overwhelmingly that any app targeting SMBs should consider some kind of connection with QuickBooks.

Connecting QuickBooks Online with essential partner apps, such as Shopify, Amazon, and Salesforce, offers companies tangible benefits:

  • Time savings: Seamlessly connecting with eCommerce and CRM systems reduces order processing times and eliminates data entry
  • Automatically syncing apps: Syncing inventory counts, customers, shipment tracking numbers, and payment details occurs automatically
  • Customizing workflows: Create specific workflows for your business by validating data, mapping specific fields of information, and setting filters that sync necessary data

The Autofy team offers “unlimited users, unlimited support, unlimited maintenance.” And Joe and the Autofy team offer unlimited customer service.

How Intuit Developer is Dedicated to Autofy’s Success

Joe holds two roles within the Intuit Developer community. One as a developer himself and one as a member of the Intuit Developer Council, a council that gets an early look at the Intuit strategy so they can provide feedback and insights. In either role, Joe has felt that app development support and integrating with QuickBooks Online has been “great”.

As to working with the Intuit Developer team, Joe says, “Working with the Intuit Developer team has been great on several fronts. First, the connection with people that are as passionate as we are about helping SMBs be successful is great to have. But, the Intuit Developer team goes beyond that by being open to a personal relationship with developers and caring for the best interest of the app developers and their apps.”

For example, one of Autofy’s reviews in the QuickBooks App store rated the app five stars, calling out specific members of the Autofy team: “I tried several others before Autofy with lackluster results. Autofy’s user interface and outstanding support win! We are syncing Salesforce & QuickBooks Online accurately and easily. The scheduled updates mean that we are reliably and consistently in-sync.

Where Autofy Goes from Here

“Two things that I see are becoming more and more important are real-time messaging within applications and AI. On real-time messaging, apps that are able to communicate in real-time between server and browser, mobile, on-premise, and other devices in real-time makes for an amazing experience. Apps that can update me wherever I am located are becoming important,” he says.

He continues, “Second, AI is obviously a big buzzword, but one that will change the way we work. If apps have the ability to make predictions or decisions on behalf of the user in a smart, logical way, then an enormous amount of productivity gain can be had. This will change industries, including the accounting industry as we know it.”

And for other developers who are working to make their apps successful, Joe has some advice:Jump in to the ecosystem. Intuit Developer does a great job honestly connecting with the largest of the large and the smallest of the small developers. Just reach out or attend an event Intuit Developer hosts. It’s a great and easy way to get connected and involved with the all that Intuit Developer has to offer.”

You can contact us with any questions or to offer feedback. In fact, your feedback is instrumental in changes that happen within the community.





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