New entities supported in Linked Transactions

With minor version 38, we have made significant improvements to Linked Transactions especially with respect to creating and discovering relationships between Vendor transactions such as Purchase Order, Bill, Bill Payment etc. Using the API, your app can now send and retrieve information about vendor specific linked transactions in QuickBooks.

Here is a quick overview of what has been added newly with minor version 38.

Bill Payment linked transactions:

Bill Payment Journal Entry Line level link
Bill Payment Deposit Line level link
Bill Payment Vendor Credit Line level link
Bill Payment Bill Line level link

Journal Entry linked transactions:

Journal Entry Bill Payment Transaction level link

Vendor Credit linked transactions:

Vendor Credit Bill Payment Transaction level link

Purchase Order linked transactions:

Purchase Order Bill Transaction level link

Bill linked transactions:

Bill Purchase Order Transaction level link
Bill Purchase Order Line level link

Here’s a sample of how the API response would look like for BillPayment with all the links included:

All of the above links are now supported via CRUD operations in the API. For detailed information on how linked transactions work as well as to get a full list of various linked relationships between all the entities, refer to our tutorial on linked transactions.

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