Intuit Developer thought leaders attend the Future Developer Summit 2019

The quickly approaching Future Development Summit 2019 (coming Sept. 24-25, 2019 in Menlo Park, CA) is an exclusive event for developer marketing and relations director/VP/GM-level attendees. We are honored that Intuit’s Cassie Divine, senior vice president, QuickBooks Ecosystem, and Jarred Keneally, director of Developer Relations, have been selected as presenters at the Summit.

The Future Developer Summit 2019

The Summit opens the door to connecting with 80 Developer Marketing and Relations director/VP level attendees from over 50+ companies that span a multitude of industries. This diversity reflects a key value we hold to on the Intuit Developer team and we’re excited to participate. The wide breadth of the developer communities at the Future Developer Summit is seen in the 1,000s of tools being used, the 10s of languages being spoken, and the 150+ countries represented at the event. Diversity is also reflected in the event’s 20 speakers, whose different backgrounds will offer unique and powerful insights on how to:

  • Design developer personas
  • Engage open source developers
  • Create world-class documentation
  • Build live streaming communities
  • Put together a world-class dev relations team

Past attendee David Bryant of Mozilla had this to say about his experience: “Future Developer Summit was a fabulous event that managed to combine outstanding speakers, a creative and engaging agenda, and dynamite topics at the leading edge of developer programs and outreach. So many great opportunities to exchange ideas and learn!”

Sneak peek into Intuit’s participation

We’re excited that Cassie and Jarred will be participating in the Lightning Sessions and Panel Discussion.

Their session, “How Being Customer-Obsessed Resulted in Happier and More Engaged Developers,” will highlight how Intuit’s developer obsessed focus and quick action has resulted in a rise in Intuit’s Net Promoter Score® (NPS) and an increase in developer engagement. Like the other Lightning Session presenters, Cassie and Jarred will talk about two successes and one failure they’ve experienced within the Intuit Developer program, giving attendees real-life scenarios to learn from.

Stay tuned for key insights from the Summit. You can follow along remotely via #FutureDeveloper19. Follow Cassie directly via @divinecassie or Jarred via @JarredKeneally and be sure to follow @intuitdev.






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