PDF and Email support for new entities

With the latest API release, we are pleased to introduce new API endpoints to support retrieving transactions as PDFs, and send transactions to customers via email for the following QuickBooks Online entities:

  • Credit Memo
  • RefundReceipt
  • Payment
  • Purchase Order

With this release, all the entities that have PDF and email capabilities within the QuickBooks Online User Interface now have the same capabilities via the API as well.

Follow the steps below to understand how to use the new endpoints

To send a credit memo as an email to the customer:

Step 1: Retrieve credit memo id. This step is optional if you already have the id

Sample request:

https://quickbooks.api.intuit.com/v3/company/{{companyid}}/query?query=select * from creditmemo

Sample Preference API response (truncated for brevity):

Step 2: Call the send email endpoint by passing the credit memo id in the url.

Sample request:


Method: POST

Once the email is sent, the response json will have the following fields updated.

Note: Some entities may not have the above fields, for complete list of fields for individual entities, refer to the API Reference.

To retrieve a credit memo as a pdf:

Step 1: Retrieve credit memo id. Use the same step as mentioned above.

Step 2: Call the pdf endpoint by passing the credit memo id in the url

URL: https://quickbooks.api.intuit.com/v3/company/{{companyid}}/creditmemo/{{id}}/pdf

Method: GET

Content-Type: application/pdf

Response is a downloadable pdf (sample below).

Note: For pdf endpoints, make sure to set the content-type as application/pdf.

Follow the same steps to send email or retrieve pdf for other entities by modifying the entity name in the url. These new endpoints are not bound by a minor version, meaning it can be used with any minor version.

For more information about individual entities or fields, refer to the API Reference.

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