The importance of creating an intuitive app UI for accountants

As developers, you know just how busy life is as you pound out the code for your app, and handle a million other tasks each and every day. You also know that accountants and small business folk, the main users of your app, are extremely busy as well. They expect apps to be easy to use from the get-go so they can manage and capitalize on their time and resources.

“Apps should be intuitive and easy to navigate,” says Heather Satterley of Satterley Training & Consulting. “A solid user interface design is a must.”

As an enrolled agent (authorized to practice before the IRS), a QuickBooks ProAdvisor since 1999, and a member of the Intuit Trainer/Writer Network, Heather spends her time helping clients build the business of their dreams, using intuitive technology to streamline their workflow processes. Her extensive experience means she knows a thing or two about which apps for accountants will work for her clients.

Her current favorite? The QuickBooks Online app, ChronoBooks, and she explains why in this short video.

ChronoBooks “saved my sanity”

ChronoBooks backs up, restores, and copies QuickBooks Online company data. For Heather, the number of integrations and data migrations she does means that accidental loss of data or unintended changes are inevitable. ChronoBooks has saved the day (and her sanity) countless times.

ChronoBooks provides me peace of mind that my client’s data is backed up and secure,” she says.

According to ChronoBooks’ Founder Nate Tippie in an interview with Intuit Developer’s Ketaki Gupta, working with QuickBooks users (Online and Desktop) before he created ChronoBooks helped him gain insight into what they really wanted.

“I heard them wishing for the kind of data management capabilities that they had with QuickBooks Desktop – namely, the ability to restore a QuickBooks Online company to a previous time and copy its data to another company.”

Accountants like Heather are not only grateful for what his app does, but for his outstanding customer service as well. “Nate goes above and beyond to help his customers and has addressed my support needs before I even knew I had them!”

What all developers of apps for accountants should know

In Heather’s estimation, ChronoBooks is the perfect example of what an app should be and do.

Its intuitive UI, combined with fantastic customer suppor,t makes it one of the apps for accountants that she highly recommends. “When recommending apps to clients, it’s important to me that it’s easy to use and intuitive for my client. I also look at the quality of support provided by the app company. I’m looking for that feels like an extension of my client’s team.

She has some other tips for app developers:

  • Build quality educational training and strong support departments.
  • Stay customer-focused and build customer relationships.
  •  Encourage feedback through customer reviews.

“An app can be the best solution on the market, but if the customer doesn’t feel supported and valued, they’re going to find something else,” she says. “You should be ready and excited to help users discover all the magic your app can provide.”

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