Meet members of the Intuit Developer team

Here at Intuit Developer, our team is a diverse group of individuals with a mix of personalities, backgrounds, and interests, all coalescing into a team with a single goal: Supporting you on your quest to build awesome apps within the QuickBooks ecosystem.

Curious to know who we actually are? To help you get to know our team better, we thought it’d be fun to do a video series of various members of our team. You’ll get an inside look into who we are, what we stand for, and why we do what we do. Read on to meet a few members of our team.

Getting to know the Intuit Developer team

Here are a few members of our team:

  • As a principal engineer, Peter sees technology as “the most powerful tool” in his life. Watch Peter’s video here.
  • Shweta is a senior software engineer, and she believes technology helps people live their best lives. Watch Shweta’s video here.
  • Francis is not only an Intuit Software Engineer, he’s a business builder. Watch Francis’ video here.
  • Helping people focus on their passions rather than the day-to-day activities of running a small business is one of the many things Intuit Senior Software Engineer Krithika spends her time on as part of the Intuit Developer Team. Watch Krithika’s video here.
  • And Pragathi, a senior software engineer at Intuit, has built a very cool payments portal that processes an amazing amount of money every day. Watch Pragathi’s video here.

Diversity and unity within the Intuit Developer team

The diversity of the Intuit Developer team, as shown in the videos above, offers you a wide range of talents and expertise you can tap into as you create unique, pragmatic apps for the QuickBooks community. Our team is unified by the vested interest we all have in your success, which is why we truly appreciate hearing from you that we’re making a difference.

For example, Kindful, a CRM solution that helps nonprofits organize their data and manage their donors, says in an Intuit Developer Spotlight interview, “Intuit is a great partner. Having checkpoint meetings throughout the year about challenges and direction helps our company plan more effectively. Intuit Developer has provided invaluable technical guidance to ensure successful customer relationships in the App Store. On top of this, we’ve developed close relationships with the Intuit Developer team which pays dividends far beyond the app. We’re honored to work so closely with the Intuit team.”

And Joe Dwyer, vice president and general manager of Right Labs at Right Networks and the creator of Autofy, an app-to-app integration platform, says in his Intuit Developer Spotlight interview, “Working with the Intuit Developer team has been great on several fronts. First, the connection with people that are as passionate as we are about helping SMBs be successful is great to have. But the Intuit Developer team goes beyond that by being open to a personal relationship with developers and caring for the best interest of the app developers and their apps.”

He’s right. We care about you and are passionate about helping you build apps for the global 4.2 million QuickBooks Online users. We hope you’ll reach out to us so that we can support your development efforts.

And before you go, remember this: developing apps isn’t always easy and neither is filming. Check out our blooper reel for some fun outtakes!





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  1. Amy Ball Avatar
    Amy Ball

    OK, the blooper reel (bottom of page) is more real and informative. Thanks, its nice to know they are real people and not just talking heads pushing the cooperate perspectives.

    M. Yeargin

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