Why I love being an Intuit Developer

Are you looking at new developer jobs? If so, I want to tell you that I love being an Intuit developer. There are many reasons why, and the COVID-19 crisis, though tragic, has revealed one more: Intuit’s response to the virus. Intuit’s message of powering prosperity around the world isn’t just a feel-good mission statement. It’s a real passion to help others succeed, in good times and in bad.

As Intuit donates funds to relief organizations, partners with GoFundMe to create a Small Business Relief Initiative, and helps QuickBooks customers who are struggling with upcoming payments, this culture of support is very apparent. Additionally, Intuit has instituted a temporary time-off benefit for employees who are working from home, and may need additional time to care for family members or have difficulty working remotely. Finally, front-line hourly service workers are continuing to be paid.

I chose to work at Intuit, recently ranked #11 on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For, because I subscribe to Intuit’s core value of integrity without compromise. I wanted to be a part of the culture that does the right thing for its customers, and I haven’t been disappointed.

More reasons why I love being an Intuit developer

I’ve been a senior developer relations engineer in the Intuit Developer Group for about eight months, though I have more than eight years of software engineering experience. I’m a Scrum Master, and my team follows the Agile Scrum process for managing our work. We stick to the scrum principles for the most part, though we tweak it a bit to solve for our unique team. Our team owns the mission to improve app quality. We monitor the apps in our app store to improve the quality of apps that are listed.

My typical day starts with helping developers seeking guidance on issues they’re facing, which is followed by working with our internal team to provide solutions that minimize these problems. When we see a pattern emerge from these challenges, we aggregate that information to influence our product features or changes.

Project prioritization is driven by what our customers need the most, which is based on Intuit’s Design for Delight (D4D), a method for exceeding customer expectations and delivering value to their business by getting to the root of our customers’ problems – and to the emotions connected with it. We’ve found that aligning ourselves around a specific problem gives us a starting point as well as drives our innovation.

D4D is a great tool, but Intuit doesn’t stop there. We’re challenged daily to learn new tools that can help us solve customer problems, and Intuit has a wide variety of Tech Learning courses to help us, including a free subscription to Udemy.

Why you would enjoy working at Intuit

I love that Intuit not only focuses on the customer, but encourages employees to learn, innovate, and grow. Case in point, Intuit gives us two full weeks to work on our pet projects and show them off during the gallery walks.

Intuit also believes in work/life flexibility, something my fellow Intuit developer Ramya Kasaraneni highlighted in her recent post about why she loves being an Intuit developer. Although it’s always a challenge to maintain a perfect balance, my work/life balance boils down to prioritizing and Intuit’s flexibility lets me do just that. One of my personal priorities is visiting national parks around the world, and I really appreciate that Intuit covers the annual membership to national parks. I also never have to worry about having the time to do so because of Intuit’s generous vacation policy. It allows us to take paid time off to pursue our passion outside of work.

To help with our personal well-being, Intuit has an awesome gym facility open 24/7 on campus. Intuit also has a network of providers we can access for childcare, pet care, and other services.

Finally, as a team, we enjoy:

  •  Celebrating birthdays.
  •  A fun quarterly activity.
  •  Happy hour or lunch outing to celebrate a big launch.

Intuit’s Careers page and Intuit Developer Blog’s “Best Places to Work” have even more details about the benefits of working here.

In this time of unrest, finding a company that puts its customers and employees first is a relief. I’m so glad I chose to work at Intuit, and I hope as you contemplate the new developer jobs out there that you’ll put Intuit at the top of your list.






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