Updating your app card: Appealing to remote workers

Life has changed; due to our environment, more of us are working remotely than ever before. While this presents new challenges in juggling work and home life, one thing that remains constant is a business owner’s need to continue working on their books and remaining as efficiently as possible.

Key to working remotely is collaboration with a business’s customers and its own team members. That’s where you come in.

As an Intuit app developer, it’s now more important than ever to make sure you review your app card on a regular basis, not to just freshen it up so it has your most current information, but also to include any changes or new content that addresses working remotely.

A few examples include the following:

  • How your app helps with online collaboration – anything from inventory management to bill pay and invoice routing.
  • How your app can assist companies with opening up new sales channels.
  • How your app can assist companies update sales and cash flow forecasts.

We have some good examples of how to make sure your app card is up to date and best describes how your app can best meet a user’s needs:

As always, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions on our developer forums at developer.intuit.com/help.





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