5 inexpensive social media strategies to promote your app

Building a useful solution that integrates with QuickBooks® Online, and reaching an audience of passionate, engaging users, are the top priorities for Intuit Developers. However, once you’ve built it, “will they come?”

There are many ways to promote your app, and thanks to social media marketing, you can reach your prospective users without burning through your cash supply. In no certain order, here are five inexpensive social media strategies to promote your app.

Strategy #1: Know your social media channels inside and out, and choose accordingly

When it comes to social media, it can be tempting to pursue the most popular channels and run the same content across all the top platforms. Yet, the reality is that each one offers unique opportunities with different strategies to target for optimal success.

With Facebook, for example, the goal is to build a community to engage with one another about your app. Promotions, discounts, contests, blog content, videos and GIFs help on this channel. On the other hand, Twitter is more about gaining users, and providing news and content for them.

Then, you have Instagram. Instagram builds excitement through “sneak peaks,” which allow different visuals or videos to capture the audience. Through these sneak peaks, you can use relevant hashtags each day to promote and target specific keywords, and generate higher traffic. In fact, according to Socialbakers, having at least one hashtag can increase engagement by up to 12.6 percent.

For example, you can use #developer in a post, so everyone who follows the hashtag, not just your followers, will see your posts.  It’s a powerful way to build and engage your audience, and as a bonus, you’re very likely to find the content on #developer useful and engaging.

Strategy #2: Tap into influencer marketing

Getting others to talk about your app is a great marketing strategy, especially if you can find powerful online influencers. Their influence can be a game changer for getting the ranking and recognition you need to boost your app.

What you want to do is find influencers – or said another way, supporters – whose values and interests align with yours. After all, they will represent your brand and connection with customers. A solid strategy is to look through your reviews to see if you have customers who have a lot of followers. If they do, ask them if you can use one of their quotes, and then tag them.

For example, it’s likely you either have already connected to the accounting community, so why not engage your most loyal base? We know accountants are a great referral source, and if they are already using and recommending your app, then why not contact them to be an influencer?

Strategy #3: Let your users do the talking

In today’s digital age of social media, there’s nothing quite like getting an endorsement from your own customers. When it comes to getting others to trust and get involved in your app, this is an invaluable strategy.

In fact, a whopping 79 percent of people say user-generated content highly impacts purchasing decisions, with consumers being 2.4x more likely to believe user-generated content is more authentic compared to branded content, according to Stackla survey results.

One popular way to get users involved is through reviews and ratings. By running contests, giveaways, discounts, and other promotions, you can incent your consumers to share their experience with your app. At the same time, you want to pay close attention to their reviews and feedback, thanking them for their trust and commitment, while also answering any questions or issues they may have.

Another example of generating user participation is by enabling social share within your app. This allows your users to share their experiences directly inside the app, as they are making new discoveries and encountering new experiences. By providing this opportunity inside the app, they are more inclined to take some time to weigh in since they don’t have to do too much legwork to do so. In return, you will bring more visibility and emotional connections to your app.

Strategy #4: Pursue paid ads on social media

One great way to promote your app at little cost is through paid ads on social media. For a small cost, you can reach a large audience, targeting very specific demographics, industries, and more.

By reaching a large number of people, you’re able to improve your app’s brand and its awareness. But, you must come up with creative and compelling content to catch their eye and be memorable. This means having distinctive photos, color choices, and content.

You may be thinking, what kind of results do social media ads produce? Well, Twitter ad engagement is up 23 percent, according to Twitter’s Q3 2019 report. In addition, overall Facebook ad impressions rose 37 percent in 2019, according to Facebook’s Q3 2019 earnings conference call. And, for Instagram, three out of every four users take action after seeing an Instagram ad, according to Hootsuite. In addition, while all of us are working remotely, reports statistics show that 66% of social media users expect their social media usage to increase during Coronavirus confinement while sheltering-in-place 

What does this mean for you? Take a look at the different social media platforms and assess which ones are best for your specific app. Find your place on social media to deliver the kinds of messages that resonate with your customers and prospects.

Strategy #5: Get discovered in the QuickBooks App Store

Just like SEO is key for blogs and websites, it’s also important for your apps. One place to start is strategizing to make sure your app comes up in the QuickBooks App Store when users are searching for specific keywords related to what your app is about.

Key to this is to ensure your app card is regularly updated, especially now while we’re still dealing with COVID-19 and working remotely.

Are you ready? Promote your app with little spend to ignite a big reach

While there are countless ways to promote your app, exploring and using these five strategies can mean big growth for a small price. Are you ready to tap into these strategies and take your app to the next level? Doing so will help you reach your full potential and get your app in the hands of a larger audience!






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