Self-assessment process required for all apps

Intuit® is committed to protecting our customers’ data. We periodically refresh our app compliance criteria to ensure an appropriate level of security and quality for any third-party app that uses our APIs.

What is happening?

In August, we refreshed the platform requirements for apps on our platform. As part of this update, all apps that intend to access production data are required to undergo Intuit’s legal, tech, security, and platform assessment processes. This applies to all apps, whether or not they are listed in the QuickBooks app store.

All new apps or apps in the development phase will be required to complete the assessment process before getting production credentials.

Apps that already have access to production credentials must undergo the refreshed assessment process to maintain compliance on our platform.

What action do you need to take?

Complete and submit this app assessment questionnaire now. It should take about an hour to complete. You may need input from team members on certain parts of the questionnaire.

A separate questionnaire must be submitted for each app that has, or will have, production data access. If you have more than one app, keep a record of your answers to make it easier to complete multiple submissions. 

Why is this happening?

Intuit periodically refreshes its app compliance criteria to ensure an appropriate level of quality for all apps in the developer platform and ensure they adhere to Intuit’s data security and compliance policies.

What will happen if you don’t meet our standards?

New apps that don’t comply with our criteria will not get access to production credentials.

For existing apps on our platform with one or more connections to QuickBooks® companies, we will provide a 60-90 day window to remediate any issues. Failure to comply may result in phased actions:

  1. Your app users will start seeing warning banners notifying them of the app’s non-compliance.
  2. We will limit the app’s ability to onboard new customers.
  3. We will block your API access.

If you have any questions about the process, review our FAQ or reach out to our support team.