Category: QuickBooks API

  • Best practices for using webhooks with QuickBooks Online

    We recommend you implement webhooks so you can be automatically notified whenever data changes in a connected QuickBooks company.

  • Discontinuation of QuickBooks in India

    After careful consideration, the decision was made that Intuit can no longer continue to deliver and support QuickBooks products across India.

  • Updates to the BankAccounts API for QuickBooks Payments may affect your application

    What is happening? Beginning July 11, 2022, Intuit® is making a change around data masking requirements for bank account numbers to the QuickBooks® Online Payments API response. We currently mask all but the last 4 digits of the account number. However, going forward, we will be masking based on the length of the bank account […]

  • Self-assessment process required for all apps

    Intuit® is committed to protecting our customers’ data. We periodically refresh our app compliance criteria to ensure an appropriate level of security and quality for any third-party app that uses our APIs. What is happening? In August, we refreshed the platform requirements for apps on our platform. As part of this update, all apps that […]

  • Support for reading threshold limits available in the API

    Earlier this year, we communicated about usage limits that were introduced to QuickBooks Online Plus companies. Over the last few months, many developers reached out to us asking how an app developer can be informed about the limits to make sure the app doesn’t cause subscription issues for their end users. We are pleased to […]

  • New API features for AU region with minor version 40

    We have added new API features specific to Australian QuickBooks Online company in our latest API release. Here is a quick overview of what has been added newly with minor version 40. Support for Tax Payable Annual Report (TPAR) field in Preferences, Vendor and Vendor Transactions Support for Batch Payment fields in Vendor (Supplier) Follow […]

  • The Newest API Explorer

    At Intuit, we strongly believe feedback is a gift. Over the past few months we collected feedback from our developer community and incorporated their comments about their pain points with our developer magic potion to bring to you the latest API Explorer. The new API Explorer is designed keeping Intuit’s Design for Delight principles and […]

  • Introducing the Error Resolver Tool

    We’ve got some good news for our developer community! We are thrilled to launch a new Error Resolver tool that will help you build your apps faster. Error Resolver Tool Overview The error resolver tool is an easy-to-use search engine that looks up an error code or message and provides suggestions on how it can […]

  • Introduction to GraphQL Using QuickBooks Online APIs

    GraphQL, a powerful query language for APIs, is here. Intuit Developer has experienced the benefits of using it, and we’re ready to get our developers on board.

  • How chata.ai Built Their App Using the QuickBooks Online API

    What’s one of the best ways to learn how to use the QuickBooks Online API? Reading about another QBO app that’s already been through the process, like chata.ai.