Updates to the BankAccounts API for QuickBooks Payments may affect your application

What is happening?

Beginning July 11, 2022, Intuit® is making a change around data masking requirements for bank account numbers to the QuickBooks® Online Payments API response.

We currently mask all but the last 4 digits of the account number. However, going forward, we will be masking based on the length of the bank account number as follows:

  • For bank account numbers that are 6 digits or less, all but the last 2 digits will be masked.
  • For bank account numbers that are 7 digits or more, all but the last 4 digits will be masked.

Which entity and fields are impacted?

This change only impacts the accountNumber field of the QuickBooks Online Payments API BankAccounts entity.

What change do app developers need to make?

If your app has logic in place to parse the masked account number, you will need to update the code in your application to check for the account number length and parse accordingly.

No change is required if your app doesn’t read or parse the accountNumber data from the API response.

For more information about individual entities or fields, refer to the API documentation.

What if I have additional questions or comments?

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