Category: Developer Spotlight

  • QuickBooks Developer Community Leader Contest Spotlight: Jonah Purinton

    Meet the latest winner of the QuickBooks Developer Community Leader Contest: Jonah Purinton. Read on to find out who he is and why he was selected.

  • Intuit Developer Growth Program Spotlight: Re-Leased

    Re-Leased, a cloud-based property management software solution, shares the many benefits of participating in the Developer Growth Program at Intuit. Read on.

  • 3 ways Intuit helped me make my word accessible

    I am Pooja Shah, a software engineer at Intuit®, where I code and implement new features or improve existing features to solve the customer pain points in QuickBooks® Payroll. I enjoy developing software and helping peers in and across the teams with technical design and coding best practices. Since birth, I have been hearing impaired […]

  • How an Intuit Developer is inspiring others

    About a year and a half ago, I was diagnosed with ADHD. On Feb. 27, 2021, I found out that I have autism. Why am I telling you all this? Because I believe sharing my story of overcoming these challenges may give hope to those who are struggling with similar challenges. In addition to inspiring […]

  • How AI can help companies improve efficiency

    Can artificial intelligence (AI) help companies improve efficiency? The simple answer is yes. However, incorporating AI into business processes and workflows is not a simple process, though it is both an achievable and in many cases, a necessary one. As a leader of AI teams at Intuit®, I have learned a few lessons about the […]

  • Intuit Developer Spotlight: Cash Flow Frog

    The phrase “cash is king” accurately expresses the importance of cash flow to a business’ bottom line. Knowing this, the next developer in the Intuit Spotlight Series recognized the enormous stress that comes with the task of creating cash flow forecasts and decided to do something about it. Ariel Gottfeld, with the help of a […]

  • Intuit Developer Spotlight: Quotient: Estimating, Quotes and Proposals Online

    I recently had the pleasure of speaking with one of the co-founders of Quotient, Nathan Carter. He’s the next developer in our Intuit Developer Spotlight series, and his innovative app allows businesses to create, send, and manage quotes online. If the app sounds familiar, you may have seen Quotient highlighted recently in this Firm of the […]