Intuit Developer Growth Program Spotlight: Re-Leased

Here’s a look at Re-Leased’s story and their ongoing experience in the Developer Growth Program.

Re-Leased’s Vision: Shape the Future of Commercial Real Estate and Drive Better Outcomes for People, Property, and the Planet

Wallace founded Re-Leased in 2012. His experience managing commercial properties and tenants led him to design a property management solution for the people behind the scenes of commercial real estate. Based on modern cloud technology that simplifies complexities through automation, Re-Leased has been well received and serves over 1,200 customers in 40+ countries and manages 110,000+ properties and 275,000+ leases.

Wallace describes Re-Leased as a “property management software platform that helps landlords and property managers streamline their operations to save time and money.” He says it’s not necessarily an app but “more of a standalone solution that can connect to accounting platforms such as QuickBooks Online® to provide users with the tools and features they need to manage properties more efficiently,” including:

  • Rent collection and payment processing
  • Lease and contract management
  • Tenant communications and maintenance requests
  • Financial reporting and forecasting
  • Asset and portfolio management

Insights and Benefits of the Developer Growth Program  

Like the other app companies in the Developer Growth Program pilot, Wallace and the Re-Leased team were invited to participate. Wallace said he felt the benefits soon after being invited to join.

“The key piece that stands out to me is the collaboration that is available not only from the Intuit team but from the other app developers taking part in the program,” Wallace says. “Having the ability to bounce ideas off the other partners has been very beneficial, assisting us in our approach to the program.”

Says Wallace, “Having an expert accountant panelist has provided a huge amount of benefit to us. While we are heavily focused on how our accounting integration is built and how it is received in the market, we generally don’t hear from accountants specifically on the integration. It helped that Helina was familiar with Re-Leased and was impressed with how we had adapted the platform in a short amount of time.”

During their time with Helina, the Re-Leased team received insights on where their product sits in comparison to other products in the US market. “The US is a relatively new space for us and being able to navigate the tax implications throughout the states has proven to be difficult. Helina provided in-depth analysis in a few key areas, and we put her recommendations into place soon after meeting with her. We’ve already seen growth in some important segments of the US based on her recommendations.”

The Developer Growth Program Important for All App Companies

As the Developer Growth Program forges ahead, Wallace recognizes its importance for both his company and other app companies in the future.

“The Developer Growth program has proven instrumental to the development of our integration with QuickBooks Online and has given us a better lens on where we sit in the market. It allows developers like us to truly test an application with an external set of users without the worry of a lost deal,” Wallace says. “I would say that the learnings have prompted us to tweak the integration and platform to address a few issues we didn’t know existed. This has led to happier and stickier customers.”

He adds, “The program instilled confidence in our developer team and validated that they were doing things the right way, and that we were creating the correct solution for the market.”


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