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  • Setting Up a Co-Development IPP Project in Flex Builder

    Hello IPP developers, my name is Jarred Keneally and I am a developer support engineer for the Intuit Partner Platform. After receiving quite a few inquiries as to the best way to setup a co-development IPP project, I though I would blog about the way to do that. You should know we are working on […]

  • Feedback on docs for IPP developers?

    One of the areas I have been focusing on recently is the docs for IPP developers as I work on creating some simple sample applications. A critical element of the documentation and learning material is the IPP programmer's guide. It provides a technical overview of building apps and is also a thorough reference for the […]

  • ViewMyPayCheck built on the Intuit Partner Platform (IPP)

    Last week I had the opportunity to meet with some of the team who have developed a brand new Flex application “ViewMyPayCheck”, built on the Intuit Partner Platform (IPP) and now available as a beta product at WorkPlace. We’re always excited when new applications go live on IPP, but what makes ViewMyPayCheck particularly interesting is the […]

  • Now Available: IPP V1.2

    IPP version 1.2 is now available. It contains several significant developer productivity enhancements. We’ve made additional changes to address known issues. DEVELOPMENT PRODUCTIVITY ENHANCEMENTS Deploy application updates that include schema changes Developers can now publish application updates that include database schema changes, including new tables, fields, relationships, roles, etc. as long as the change preserves […]

  • Upcoming Intuit Partner Platform Webinars

    Intuit Partner Platform Roadmap Update During the Beta of Intuit Partner Platform (IPP), the IPP team received a tremendous amount of high quality feedback about what you’d like available as part of the platform. We want to share with you the plans we have for the Intuit Partner Platform – this is your chance to […]

  • Advantage Integrated Solutions drives its way to success on IPP

    Scott Wyatt of Advantage Integrated Solutions and early adopter of the Intuit Partner Platform recently completed and published the, Advantage SmartRoutes for TomTom GPS, application to Intuit Workplace. We had a chance to catch up with Scott to hear more about his application. So… Scott, what is the Advantage SmartRoutes for TomTom GPS application?  Advantage […]

  • Current Econonic Crisis is Good For SaaS…

    Yesterday I read that IDC (the IT industry analyst firm) has revised its forecast (upward) regarding the adoption by US companies of the Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery and subscription, and that the current economic climate appears to be accelerating the SaaS adoption trend: "The analyst firm says that recent surveys and customer interviews […]

  • Please Welcome Tara Hunt to the Intuit Partner Platform

    At the Intuit Partner Platform we are focused on providing a fantastic platform for developers to build great SaaS applications; applications that leverage Small Businesses assets (such as QuickBooks data.)  But building a great app is only half the story to building a great business.  To succeed, you need customers buying that app!  One of […]

  • e-learning solution for the Intuit Partner Platform (IPP) – can you help?

    We are in the early stages of developing a new e-learning solution for the Intuit Partner Platform (IPP), targeted at developers who want to learn how to build SaaS solutions for small to medium sized business and have those solutions sold on the Intuit Workplace. Your input into this process will be vital in making sure we […]

  • Frustrated by IE6 security warnings in IPP Applications?

    Are you seeing the following security warning when running Flex-based IPP applications in IE6? If so, it is probably due to the fact that IE6 does not like iFrame tags without a SRC attribute. If you're sure that it's not your code that contains the incomplete iFrame tag, chances are pretty good that you inherited the […]