Intuit Developer at Lean Startup Conference

We’re really excited to be attending and exhibiting at this week’s Lean Startup conference in San Francisco.

Why? This conference gives us a unique opportunity to talk to entrepreneurs about one of the most important business processes for small businesses and startups: Accounting. 

Here at Intuit, we want to give small businesses the very best options and services to meet their accounting needs. One of the important ways we do that is through collaboration with you, the developer community, to extend QuickBooks Online by enabling solutions that solve real accounting painpoints for small businesses. And why wouldn’t we? After all, we’re still a startup at heart ourselves.

In partnership with you, the developer community, we’re building a QBO ecosystem on Apps.com to fill every gap that a startup and early stage business owner might encounter — from tracking expenses, getting invoices paid, to performance evaluation for employees, inventory management, and customer relationship management as well as many more. We’re going to Lean Startup to introduce attendees to all your apps and demonstrate to them the power of this ecosystem. Many will want to use it, and we think many will want to join our ecosystem, too.

So we’re excited for the conversations we’ll have this week about the unique needs of new and early stage startups – and we look forward to learning how we can help them address those challenges. We’ll share what we learn with you in a future blog post.  In the meantime, be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates throughout the event! There will be some fun and interesting things going on in the next couple days!

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