Got customers? Expand your reach on QuickBooks Apps.com

When we talk to developers about the opportunity to integrate with QuickBooks Online and solve real problems that small businesses face, we often get asked: “What kind of traffic can I expect on your app store?”

Here are some general QuickBooks Apps.com performance metrics:

  • Each month, more than 600k unique visitors come to Apps.com
  • Of those visitors, 22% (or more than 100k each month) click on one or more app cards
  • Small businesses are quickly adopting the cloud and QuickBooks Online; 11% of those small businesses today are using one or more app from Apps.com

When you publish your application on QuickBooks Apps.com, it also appears in the “Apps” tab within QuickBooks Online itself. While the online store at Apps.com gets more traffic to individual app cards than the Apps tab, the traffic from customers using the Apps tab within the QuickBooks Online product is much more qualified, resulting in a higher overall conversion rate.

So what can you do to ensure your app stands out? There are two key things that will drive traffic and sign-ups to your app:  (1) the quality of the app and the integration and (2) positive user reviews. Those two things drive the prominence of your app on Apps.com more than anything else, and eventual app adoption.

How has this worked for other developers who have published apps on QuickBooks Apps.com?  Here are a couple of quotes on their experience:

“We’ve seen a 35% increase in trials since we joined Apps.com” – Michael Webb, CTO, SmartVault

“We discovered our customers that come via apps.com or put the effort to connect their QBO account to WORK[etc] stay long term customers.  We’re gearing up to do double our integration efforts later this year!” – Dan Barnett, CEO & Founder, Work[etc]

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  1. Michael Avatar

    Hi Lori. I searched but did not find app store metrics for 2018. Can you share updated performance numbers?

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