Introducing Postman for the QuickBooks Online API

Hello API developers

The Intuit developer group has just rolled out Postman for QuickBooks Online APIs. What is Postman? Glad you asked.

Postman allows you to create and send any HTTP request using the awesome Postman request builder. Write your own test cases to validate response data, response times, and more! You can also save requests and organize your APIs into Collections. We have released our own QuickBooks Online Postman collection as well to make your QuickBooks online development even easier.

Get started with Postman for QuickBooks Online now!postman2

Postman works with Mac, Windows and Linux.

Intuit has provided a Postman collection for the QuickBooks Online APIs. Once you install it, you can see all of the QuickBooks Online APIs that are available. You will need to follow the instructions here to create an Oauth 1.0 header which you can save for re-use. You can also save your API calls for re-use later on if needed.

You can save a configuration for your sandbox environment which has the API endpoint and Oauth credentials for the sandbox API, and another for production with production credentials. Then switching between them is as easy as selecting your environments in the request builder.


Postman for QuickBooks Online


Here is an example of reading a customer with Postman from my QuickBooks Online Sandbox.

If you want to write a query for customers click the readall entity on the left. Then select the body tab under the request uri. This gives you access to write the query for customers in the body of the request. For example: you can edit the request body to be “Select * from Customer where <where clause>” .





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4 responses to “Introducing Postman for the QuickBooks Online API”

  1. Brad Avatar

    I can’t get the Access Token Duration in the OAuth Playground set to anything other than 120. What am I missing?



    1. Manas Avatar

      Hi Brad,

      In the OAuthPlayground tool, there is an open bug which shows the default 120 sec as AccessTokenDuration. It should be fixed soon.
      Though it shows 120s, but the service still considers the user entered value instead of the default 120s. We can enter the Access Token Duration in seconds, up to a maximum of 15552000 seconds (180 days).


  2. Cristian Avatar

    How I can get the tokens with postman??

    1. Lisa Rathjens Avatar
      Lisa Rathjens

      Hi Cristian, Check out this section in our documentation https://developer.intuit.com/docs/0100_quickbooks_online/0400_tools/0012_postman for info on Postman as well as pointers to how tokens are created.

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