Updates to the Payments APIs for QuickBooks Online

What is happening?

Beginning February 1, 2018, Intuit is making a change to the QuickBooks Online Payments API and QuickBooks Merchant Services Payments API that will require that the ecommerce and mobile indicators for all purchases made from a handheld device (smart phone or tablet) is set within the application.  This will affect any purchase regardless if the card number is keyed in, swiped, or fetched from a pass through digital wallet like Apple Pay or a staged digital wallet like PayPal/Google Wallet.

How does this affect you?

  • QuickBooks Online Payments: In the charge and refund API, the ecommerce and mobile indicators were previously optional. Beginning February 1, 2018, these indicators must be set within the API or your transaction will fail.
  • QuickBooks Merchant Services: The ecommerce and mobile indicators are new fields within the charge and payments APIs. Beginning February 1, 2018, these indicators must be set within the API or your transaction will fail.

What do you need to do?

Within the next six months, please go to the Intuit Developer sandbox and  be sure to make sure the ecommerce and mobile indicator flag is set if transactions come in from hand held devices. You will need to activate this in your production application prior to February 1, 2018.

For a full explanation of the changes, please review the documentation.
Please contact us with any questions or concerns

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4 responses to “Updates to the Payments APIs for QuickBooks Online”

  1. Scott Avatar

    Has this update been pushed to sandbox environments? I’m attempting to use your API Explorer to create a charge for a sandbox account, and when I use the default request body I get the following error:

    {“errors”:[{“code”:”PMT-4000″,”type”:”invalid_request”,”message”:”context is invalid.”,”detail”:”context”,”infoLink”:”https://developer.intuit.com/v2/docs?redirectID=PayErrors”}]}

    If I try adding the following context to the request (based on the documentation you linked to above), I still get the same error.

    “context”: {“mobile”: true, “eCommerce”: true}

    So… what gives?

    1. Vishal Avatar

      Hi Scott,

      Yes this change has been pushed to Sandbox. We are in process of updating API Explorer, in the mean time I would recommend making API calls directly to sandbox. The changes would be available in production starting Feb 1st.

      Thank you,

  2. Shaler Avatar

    When will the documentation be updated? When will the qbmsconnector be released? When will the new dtd be released? It’s less than a week before the declared production push.

  3. sweintraub@bedandbreakfast.com Avatar

    I am working with an app using the old QBMS interaction API for payments to get and set Batch times(the rest is done through a local services using the newer API but doesn’t handle batch time). Are there any basic changes to the QBMS related to the requirements for the mobile tags – particularly with these batch time APIs.

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