New PHP Payments SDK is now available

In the past few months, we have received numerous requests for providing a PHP Payments SDK that can make integrating with QuickBooks Online Payments API easier. After carefully examining common use cases and applying industry best practices, the PHP Payments SDK is now available to all PHP developers!

The PHP Payments SDK is designed to facilitate developers using the QuickBooks Online Payments API by providing a set of methods that make it easier to work with. It supports the following operations:

  • Standard OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect protocols
  • Interceptors for logging, error handling, and more
  • Standard Payments API endpoints with requests/response handling

Unlike the PHP Accounting SDKs, in this SDK, we give our developers capability to implement their new features based on their own use cases.  For example, for developers who want to add a retry mechanism, they can create their own Interceptors that alter the requests when a certain condition is met. What’s more, we change the logging implementation to meet the psr-3 logging standard, and add a new set of request/response classes that make debugging a lot easier. 

To find out more about the PHP Payments SDK, go to our github link: https://github.com/intuit/PHP-Payments-SDK 

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