Intuit Developer Growth Program Spotlight: Asset Accountant

Asset Accountant is one of five app companies participating in the Intuit Developer Growth Program, and it gives the pilot program a thumbs up so far. Read on to hear about their experience.

Asset Accountant: Taking the Pain Out of Fixed Assets and Leases

Asset Accountant has been saving corporations, businesses, and accounting firms from the frustration of error-prone spreadsheets since 2019. The company’s fixed asset depreciation and lease accounting application offers deep integration with QuickBooks Online and provides automated generation of new assets, the running of depreciation and lease calculations for accounts and tax, and the ability to post detailed journals straight to the QuickBooks Online general ledger.

The app serves thousands of global users, including Suzanne Walker, Director, Clear Path Accounting.

With an app already favored by many customers, Asset Accountant decided to participate in the pilot program as a way to expand its marketing efforts. According to CEO Colin McEown, the company’s biggest challenge is raising awareness.

Asset Accountant: Impressed with the Developer Growth Program

Though only a few months into the nine-month pilot, McEown is impressed with the organization of—and the resources available in—the program. And the Asset Accountant team appreciates the positivity exhibited by the Developer Growth Program team.

Says McEown, “Having direct access to multiple senior Intuit Solution Architects and User Experience professionals has been a real luxury for us, and we’ve benefitted from the variety of perspectives that each team member has brought to the discussion. Everyone on the Developer Growth Program team is approachable, responsive, and encouraging. We feel really taken care of, and this has given us even more motivation to get the most out of the program.”

“Helina helped us to refine our language and create some important workflow efficiencies. She came up with some great suggestions for how we could extend AssetAccountant’s functionality to appeal to an even broader range of potential clients.”

McEown compares the Developer Growth Program to a boot camp, noting that it has “a really clear set of goals, a regular program of activities, fantastic trainers, and a great team spirit.” He says the program has helped his company get the most out of its partnership with Intuit and has provided meaningful insights.

“Having insight into customer psychology and behavior is incredibly valuable and helps us to make informed choices about how we present Asset Accountant to the market,” McEown says. “The analytics we’ve been given access to are also really helpful. We will be implementing changes based on the feedback we’ve received for months to come and it’s great to be able to track the performance of the app as we implement these changes.”

Asset Accountant: Developer Growth Program Success

The Asset Accountant team has logged a long list of valuable benefits during their short time in the Developer Growth Program, including what they consider to be fantastic suggestions on how to improve their customer onboarding experience. McEown says, “We are hard at work implementing these. Now that the top of the funnel is full, we want to make sure that we convert as many trials into paid subscriptions as possible.”

We’re eagerly looking forward to seeing how Asset Accountant is able to grow their already successful fixed asset depreciation and lease accounting application after completing the program in full. Until then, stay tuned for another Developer Growth Program spotlight coming soon.



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