See the newest apps in the QuickBooks App Store

There are 28 new reasons to love the QuickBooks App Store! Each new app added to our global marketplace extends the capability of QuickBooks for small and mid-market businesses. Our most recent additions meet specific needs including automated debt recovery, AI forecasting, eCommerce fulfillment, e-Auctions, and crypto accounting.

Check out some of the newest QuickBooks Online apps to hit the shelves below, and don’t miss the opportunity to explore our QuickBooks Partner Offers & Deals page:

  1. Acctivate Inventory Management – Inventory management software for QuickBooks
  2. Adsum Works – Instant VAT refunds using QuickBooks
  3. AEM Journaler – Automated tracking, reconciling, and reporting of crypto transactions into QuickBooks
  4. appHR – Employee data management, with a mobile app for time and attendance, automatically synced with QuickBooks
  5. ASSIST – Automatically extract data from invoices, receipts, and other business records for entry into QuickBooks
  6. CRM – All-in-one CRM solution tightly integrated with QuickBooks
  7. CRM by Bonsai – CRM, contracts, scheduling, and time-tracking with client portal access
  8. GovieRates.com – Prepare DCAA compliant incurred cost reports for submission to DCAA auditors
  9. HighRadius: RadiusOne AR Suite – Automated eInvoicing solutions and accounts receivables (A/R)
  10. Ingage iPay – Automated customer invoicing and payment processing
  11. IntensiflyApp – AI forecasting and optimization
  12. IO App – Securely transmit invoices directly to QuickBooks
  13. Know-it – Automated credit control process
  14. Livecosts.com – Smart construction software
  15. OrderTaker – CRM with mobile ordering
  16. Payworks – Automatic journal entry flow to QuickBooks
  17. PetPocketbook – Automatically sync your invoicing and payment activity to QuickBooks for petcare businesses.
  18. Plexe Ltd (US) – Lending solution with continuously updated repayment terms and funding limits
  19. Projectworks – Business management platform for professional services
  20. QC Consolidation – Cloud software to automatically consolidate and report for multiple year ends, currencies, and ERP systems
  21. SecureQ Cloud – Receive payments via Converge, CardX, Authorize.net, and more
  22. Skala Cloud Based Manufacturing & Inventory Management – Cloud-based MRP software to track sales orders, delivery processes, and stock & material status
  23. SPS Commerce – Fulfillment Automation – Full-service EDI solution for order-to-cash cycles
  24. SyncHouse for 3GTMS – Sync data between 3GTMS and QuickBooks
  25. Synergy – Automated debt recovery solution
  26. TaxBit Accounting Suite – Enterprise-grade crypto accounting software
  27. Team Procure – E-Procurement and E-Auction cloud solutions
  28. Workflow – Manage time, billing, projects, collaboration, and connectivity for professional services

To see more apps, go to apps.intuit.com. To learn more about listing your app on the QuickBooks App Store, visit List your app on our marketplaces.



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