See the newest apps in the QuickBooks App Store

There are 33 new reasons to love the QuickBooks App Store! Each new app added to our global marketplace extends the capability of QuickBooks for small and mid-market businesses. Some of our recent additions offer financial services, project management, and unique processes that are integrated with email, SMS, AI, and data capture from the field.

Check out the newest QuickBooks Online apps to hit the shelves below:

  1. Agicap  – Automatically retrieve pending invoices for cash management and liquidity planning.
  2. Aimsio  – Capture billable events with field ticketing and invoicing.
  3. Axacute – Improve inventory accuracy and shop floor visibility with a SaaS inventory and production system.
  4. Birdview PSA – Help professional services organizations plan, manage, and forecast resources, projects, and finances–all in one place.
  5. BlockSpaces | Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments – Enable invoices from QuickBooks Online to accept Bitcoin payments and automatically track those transactions.
  6. ComHub365 – Pull customer data from QuickBooks Online to communicate with your customers through phone, email, text, and more.
  7. DLA Proof of Delivery – Offer proof of delivery from the field to QuickBooks Online.
  8. Donation Receipts – Use QuickBooks Online data to easily create donation receipts for your organization.
  9. EKM Order Sync – Automatically sync EKM orders and invoices with QuickBooks.
  10. FinDaily – Send a daily or weekly digest of accounting, banking, and other key data via an automated email.
  11. Flash by Piik – Utilize a two-way sync with QuickBooks Online to reconcile balance sheet accounts, automate month-end accounting close, and book adjusting entries.
  12. Hiver – Simplify invoice management by adding bills to QuickBooks and tracking them without stepping out of Gmail.
  13. HReasily – Automate HR process with a digitalized system and cloud platform.
  14. K-HARP – Easily pinpoint overdue accounts and send personalized email reminders to your clients with one click.
  15. KickStart Sync – Sync data with QuickBooks Online and automate bookkeeping and inventory.
  16. Novo – Access profit and loss data at a glance from a Novo dashboard
  17. OpenEnvoy – Automatically import invoice data from any PDF into QuickBooks in minutes.
  18. Paidnice – Import QuickBooks invoices and inject accounts receivable automation.
  19. Payhawk – Export expenses, payments, and deposits in seconds with automatic reconciliation.
  20. Payrec  – Automate payroll journal entries based on configured account mappings and dimension settings.
  21. PaySpace – Automatically sync general ledger results from payroll directly into QuickBooks Online.
  22. Pilot Orb – Take advantage of pre-built reports, visualizations, and intuitive interfaces to get a comprehensive view of your business from invoice data.
  23. Power BI Connector by Alpha Serve – Seamlessly export QuickBooks data to Power BI for powerful insights.
  24. Rapid Reports – Connect a QuickBooks account and create email distributions of all financial reports at scheduled intervals.
  25. Receipt-AI – Text a picture of a receipt and track it utilizing AI and SMS.
  26. RepairQ – Streamline operations with cloud-based business management tools designed for electronic repair shops.
  27. SalesTrip – Automatically populate employee expense claims from a receipt image and gain business insights from a centralized view of spend.
  28. Settle – Get upfront clarity on available credit and financing terms with a set payment schedule.
  29. Shoplazza – Import global sales data to QuickBooks Online to track income and expenses, and to maximize tax deductions for your business.
  30. Stock Sync: Connect Suppliers – Automatically sync product information from any supplier or platform to your QuickBooks account.
  31. Stockpit – Inventory management – Analyze invoices, estimates, credit notes, bills, orders, and purchases to update inventory automatically.
  32. Surfboard – Share dynamic, customized financial charts with board members and investors.
  33. WERX. Construction Management Solution – Create and track projects, budgets, and cost estimates to manage complex construction projects.

To learn more about listing your app on the QuickBooks App Store, go to List your app on our marketplaces, or check out our overview of the publishing process in this article on the Intuit Developer blog.