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  • New categories launched on QuickBooks app store

    Announcing new QuickBooks app store categories! Intuit strives to continuously improve app discovery on the QuickBooks® platform.  To improve the app discovery in the QuickBooks App Store, we’ve revised our list of app categories to make it easier for new customers to find your apps. These changes are now live, and we encourage you to […]

  • See the newest apps in the QuickBooks App Store

    We have 24 new reasons to love the QuickBooks® Online App Store! Each new app added to the app store extends the capability of QuickBooks for small and mid-market businesses to help meet specific needs including sales and inventory management, financial planning, time tracking, and automated bookkeeping. Check out some of the newest QuickBooks Online […]

  • Intuit launches pilot growth program for application developers

    At Intuit®, we’re not only focused on providing the best experience and tools that enable developers to create innovative applications for accountants, mid-market and small business customers; we’re also committed to finding new ways to help app developers grow their business. Today, we are proud to announce the developer growth pilot program designed to help […]

  • Promoting special offers to QuickBooks Online customers

    Announcing Partner Deals! The Intuit® Developer team is excited to announce a new opportunity for our QuickBooks® Online app developers. It’s called Partner Deals and is the perfect platform for promoting special offers and discounts for your product or service directly to QuickBooks Online customers. Get in front of new customers In today’s product-saturated market, […]

  • Accelerate your app discovery: Go global to amplify your reach!

    Many thanks for being such an awesome partner with us!  One of the biggest pain points developers have on the QuickBooks® platform is around the customer discovery of their published app. To enhance the process of app discovery, we are proud to announce that we are providing the ability for developers to publish their apps […]

  • What are product-based businesses looking for in a tech provider?

    Against a backdrop of technological change and economic crunch, how do product-based SMBs choose and evaluate their digital tools? Our integration partner, Codat, has conducted some new research that shows how product-based needs and attitudes toward tech differ from service-based counterparts. Here are their findings. Product-based businesses are more reliant on financial systems Product-based businesses […]

  • Customer-Driven AI at Intuit

    Intuit’s strategy is to be an “AI-driven expert platform” where we solve the most pressing customer problems and deliver wonderful experiences using AI.¹ To that end, and to ensure our innovation is customer driven, Intuit® follows its “Customer Driven Innovation” (CDI) principles.² In this post, I will share some powerful examples of how Intuit’s AI […]

  • Mark your calendars for QuickBooks Connect 2022 in Las Vegas, Dec. 7-9

    My name is Jeremy Sulzmann and I have the honor of serving as Vice President and General Manager for the Developers and Partners segment at Intuit®. My team and I strive to provide our developer partners—who directly impact our customers by driving innovation and efficiency across our platforms—the best tools to integrate into the QuickBooks® […]

  • What is SQL injection and how does it work?

    Writing secure code that does not allow for the injection of malicious code is a challenge for any developer. We asked the experts from Synopsys Software Integrity Group to share some best practices for how to avoid these attacks. The following is a guest post by that team. Definition of SQL injection A widespread problem […]

  • Updates to the BankAccounts API for QuickBooks Payments may affect your application

    What is happening? Beginning July 11, 2022, Intuit® is making a change around data masking requirements for bank account numbers to the QuickBooks® Online Payments API response. We currently mask all but the last 4 digits of the account number. However, going forward, we will be masking based on the length of the bank account […]